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15.05.2019 The batik exhibition “My Silk Road” by Zhanar Nuketayeva.

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan on May 15, 2019 at 3.00 pm opens the batik exhibition “My Silk Road” by Zhanar Nuketayeva.

Zhanar Nuketayeva – a psychologist, candidate of philosophy, graduated from Leningrad State University.

"My Silk Road" by Zhanar NuketaevaZhanar lived most of her life with her husband diplomat abroad — Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, where she began to work in the arts. In 2003, after meeting with a master from Indonesia, Palupi in Saudi Arabia, she learned the French “cold batik” technique. Zhanar does not get tired to learn, improve, grow, achieve something new in her work. She continued her studies with the masters of Pakistan, Sri Lanka being in the United Arab Emirates. It should be noted her original, extraordinary approach to everything what she does. Her works are notable for their fullness, graceful execution and ease, expressiveness, search for an interesting compositional solution, revealing a storyline in which the play of light is remarkably conveyed. The names of the paintings are romantic – “Thousand and One Nights”, “Tulips on a blue background”, “Birds of Paradise”, “Lotos”. In her works, the master reflects her vision of the culture, traditions of different nations and countries where she lived. She uses both hot and cold batik techniques. When creating a masterpiece, various types of silk (Japanese, Chinese, etc.), brushes, and special paints are used. Zhanar gladly creates original works and claims that she happily devotes her free time to creativity – batik, origami, ornaments made of natural stones.

In addition to creating paintings on silk, Zhanar, having received a master's degree in cosmoenergy and a master of Reiki, is currently engaged in “Thetahealing” technology, based on the activation of vital energy and healing of human, the disclosure of psychic abilities.

The master tries herself in other areas – she writes books on the culinary art of the peoples of the world, publishes brochures on the rites and traditions of the Kazakh people. She writes with her heart and lives with a magical light of talent, inspiration and love, walking her own Silk Road.

For the first time, Zhanar Nuketayeva presents her personal exhibition, which will display 50 works in the batik technique-silk paintings, as well as designer jewelry. On the opening day of the exhibition, the Ambassador of Indonesia in the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Rahmat Pramono, musicians from Indonesia, artists and guests from Pakistan, as well as students of the Kazakh National Women's Pedagogical University will perform.

On May 22 at 15.00 Zhanar Nuketayeva will hold a free master class on the art of batik painting. Registration for the master class by phone: 264-46-50, +77017557657

The exhibition will run until May 31, 2019.

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