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04.03.2020 "A WONDERFUL WORLD THROUGH CHILDRENS’ EYES" exhibition of the participants of the 1st Republican competition of illustrations.

On March 4, 2020 at 15:00 the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the initiative of the designer, decorator, teacher Tyuleubaeva Azhar, in collaboration with Child Development Center «Almaty tutoring» dedicated to 25th anniversary of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan.

"A WONDERFUL WORLD THROUGH CHILDRENS’ EYES" exhibition of the participants of the 1st Republican competition of illustrations.The first Republican competition of illustrations for the works “Wolf Chapa and others” by the famous Kazakhstani writer Gerold Belger, whose works is the embodiment of friendship and mutual understanding of ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan, launched in 2019, on the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The contest participants were students of 4-11 grades of comprehensive schools and students (1-2 courses) of Kazakhstan colleges.

The aim and objectives of the competition are the creation of copyright illustrations, the popularization of children's works by G. Belger, the support of reading among children, the development of imagination by transferring associations to paper.

The results of the competition were summed up by members of the jury, which included art historians, artists - members of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan, teachers of fine arts, designers, decorators, journalists, representatives of the Central Museum. When selecting works, the author’s creative approach, the originality of the design, the technique of execution, the presence of the composition, the color scheme, the quality of the performance, and the thoughtfulness of the plot were taken into account. The works of the winners will be included in the reprinted in three languages in the collection of short stories by G. Belger "Wolf Chapa and others".

At the exhibition 300 works carried out in various techniques: gouache, watercolor, applique, mixed technique, graphics (feather, mascara). Paintings by children of the art studio “By ArT” of the Center for Child Development “Almaty tutoring" were also presented.

As part of the event, with the assistance of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, museum visitors will be able to get acquainted with documentary materials about Gerold Belger (1934–2015), writer, translator, laureate of the Presidential Peace Award and Spiritual Concord Prize, a member of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan, which published more than 1800 translations from different languages, who wrote more than 50 books, fluent in Kazakh, German and Russian.

Khismatulina Raisa – teacher, faithful companion of G. Belger will take part in the opening of the event.

The exhibition will last until 16 March. 

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