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15.09.2020 An online exhibition "National holiday costume of the peoples of China".

The Central Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the framework of international cooperation with the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China on September 15, 2020 at 15.00 presents an online exhibition "National holiday costume of the peoples of China".

an online exhibition "National holiday costume of the peoples of China".The history of the costume since ancient times is a kind of mirror that reflects the past of humanity. Every country, every nation with its own traditions leaves its mark on people's clothes, rules for wearing costumes. From generation to generation, the costumes of peoples convey the wisdom of life, worldview, moral ideals and aesthetic taste. The People's Republic of China is a multi-ethnic country, with 56 different nationalities living on its territory, including Han Chinese, Tibetans, Mongols, Hui, Uighurs, Kazakhs, Manchus, Zhuans, and others. In a long historical process, each of the nationalities created and inherited a unique traditional culture. National dress (traditional costume) is an element of self-identification of the people, transmitting information about habits and centuries-old traditions. National costumes of the peoples of China were created taking into account their way of life. They combine a variety of fabrics, rich colors and styles in an unusual way. Free-cut costumes of the Northern peoples and sophisticated outfits of the southern national minorities perform applied, decorative and cultural functions.

The online exhibition "National holiday costume of the peoples of China", consisting of 58 works, introduces a collection of photographs showing the rich material culture of various peoples inhabiting modern China. Photos tell about the features of clothing, depending on the specific region where people live, gender (women's and men's costume), and purpose.

The joint photo exhibition, presented for the first time in an online format, is a new form of cultural and educational work of the Museum, which will allow online viewers to get acquainted with the diversity of Chinese culture.

Exhibition "National costume of the peoples of China" of the Central Museum of Kazakhstan and the General Consulate of China in Almaty aimed at strengthening international cultural exchange, friendship and cooperation between the peoples of the two countries.

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