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11.11.2017 Exhibition of Chinese porcelain "Beijing tale of the Silk Road on Porcelain"

china-farfor-afishaOn 11 November, 2017 at 15.00 the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with the art gallery "Art Market" and with the assistance of the Beijing Culture and Art Foundation opens an exhibition of Chinese porcelain and art works of leading masters of art of China "Beijing tale of the Silk Road on Porcelain".

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan actively develops international, scientific and cultural cooperation with the institutions of science, culture and art of various states through the implementation of joint projects. The museum continues to acquaint visitors with the rich history, cultural traditions, fine and applied arts of China.

The exhibition project "Beijing tale of the Silk Road on Porcelain" is aimed at strengthening of international cultural exchange and cooperation of countries in the Central Asian region within the framework of the PRC state program "One belt and one way".

The Great Silk Road is of special importance, as it plays an important role in the development of modern cultural and economic ties between various states, including between Kazakhstan and China. Today, ancient cultural traditionsю The theme of the Great Silk Road are successfully reviving and continuing to develop.

At the exhibition more than 100 works by famous Chinese artists - Zhuang Xiaolai, Ma Haifang, Zheng Shanlu, Zhang Telin, Cheng Maochuan, Li Chengxiu, Li Xueyi are presented. On paintings the nature and sights of Beijing, porcelain and other works of masters demonstrate the art of calligraphy, writing with a brush and ink, engraving of seals, and the art of painting on porcelain, characterizing the millennial history and centuries-old traditions of Chinese masters are reflected. One of the important components of Chinese culture and art is Chinese porcelain. Chinese porcelain products were famous primarily for their artistic painting, in which different thematic subjects and complex ornaments were used. 

Among the presented works: portrait painting of artist Ma Haifan in the style of "Mogua", reflecting the life of Beijing citizens; the sights and nature of the surroundings of Beijing reveal the works of the artist Li Chengxiu - "Snow on the Great Wall of China", "Beauty of the Xiangshan District" and Zheng Shanlu - "Lugouqiao Bridge", "Autumn. Tayeci pond"; "Statutory herbal letter" in the style of "Zhangzao" is reflected in the works of Cheng Maochuan; Li Shuwei's works are introduced the art of calligraphy and engraving of seals in the style of «Zhuang» are of particular interest. At the exhibition porcelain products painted by Chinese artists are distinguished by the highest quality, beauty, grace, variety of shapes and plots are also presented. All this gives an opportunity to get acquainted with the Beijing concept of the "Three Treasures" of life - Jing (seed-essence), Qi (internal energy) and Shen (spirit).

Within the framework of the exhibition on 11 November, from 16.00 to 17.00, a creative meeting of cultural and art workers of Kazakhstan with artists of China will take place, whose works are presented at the exhibition.

The exhibition will last until 14 November, 2017.  

Выставка "Пекинский сказ о шелковом пути на фарфоре" Выставка "Пекинский сказ о шелковом пути на фарфоре" Выставка "Пекинский сказ о шелковом пути на фарфоре"

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