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07.03.2018 The family opening day "Heritage" of the artists Yunus, Zukhra and Zhasmin Ibraimovs

On 7 March, 2018 at 15.00 the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan invites to the family opening day "Heritage" of the artists Yunus, Zukhra and Zhasmin Ibraimovs timed to the spring holidays – 8 March and Nauryz Meiramy.

The family opening day "Heritage" of the artists Yunus, Zukhra and Zhasmin IbraimovsIbraimovs graduated from the P.P. Benkov Tashkent Art College: Yunus - department of theatrical scenery, Zukhra - design, then the department of book graphics of the Ostrovsky Theater and Art Institute. Currently, the couple is engaged in teaching, private lessons in drawing and painting.

Each exhibition of artists represents a new page of their multifaceted creative activity. Y.Ibraimov works in the technique of monumental and easel painting. He is attracted by both open-air painting and work in the studio, where he creates his works, catching the movement of light and shadow, any color changes. The artist shows his entire inner world through soft and beautiful strokes. He is the author of many landscape works, glorifying the beauty of native nature - "Kargaly. Evening", "The Road to Alekseevka","Vesnovka ", "Remizovka"; Seasons - "February", "July", "Soon the autumn". Portraits "Girl in a sunny dress", "Violinist", etc. are also presented.

Zukhra prefers graphics, wood burning, art painting of the fabric - batik, using a variety of techniques and materials. She also works in the technique of oil painting, writes a palette knife and smears. Her paintings, especially landscapes ("Butakovka", "Cold morning", "Issyk-Kul", "Winter sunset") are very picturesque and beautiful. In recent years, the couples are engaged in sculpture and bas-relief, modeling and monumental plasters panels, as well as painting the walls. Together with the whole family go to the open air and almost all of their works are written in nature.

In 2010 Yunus and Zukhra Ibraimovs presented their duet exhibition. And today they are joined by their daughter Zhasmin, who for the first time exhibits her watercolor works. She studies at the A. Kasteev art school, at the department of Fine Arts and is an active participant in various competitions for children's creativity: "World of Flowers" (1st place), "My Kazakhstan" (1st place), 1 place for the emblem of the Baldauren camp, etc.

Yunus and Zukhra are participants of many collective projects: "Artist and Book" (2002), "Landscape Design" (2008), "Fair of Applied Art" (2009) "World of Graphics" (2011). Paintings of artists are in private collections in Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, USA, Latvia, and Italy.

At the exhibition more than 45 works were presented.

The exhibition will last until 25 March, 2018.

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