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12.04.2018 The personal photo exhibition "Planet Earth: how beautiful this world!" of a photographer and traveler Taimas Nurtayev

On 12 April, 2018 at 16.00 in the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be the opening of a personal photo exhibition "Planet Earth: how beautiful this world!" of a photographer and traveler Taimas Nurtayev.    

The personal photo exhibition "Planet Earth: how beautiful this world!" of a photographer and traveler Taimas NurtayevTaimas Nurtayev was born in Bishkek, but since the late 60s he lives in Almaty. By education a builder, but great love and passion for photo art developed into a second profession. The first works were made by him on the Soviet camera "Zenith", and later he began to work with professional cameras. The starting point in his creative life on the way to the art of photography was visiting the spurs of Khan Tengri Mountain (2006), where he was struck by the grandeur and beauty of his native nature. Subsequently, numerous trips not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the near and far abroad became for Taimas inexhaustible source and inspiration for the creation of amazing photographs, which is not the first time are presented in the Central State Museum.

He visited various parts of the world: Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Nepal, etc. The bright impressions of these unforgettable trips and travels are reflected in his works. Thus, the artist in his photographs captured the Sahara Desert the largest in the world, Greenland - one of the most unusual islands in the world, historical Italy, the "land of ice" Iceland, etc. And during the trip to China, the artist created photo-works of the yellow-green Li river, running through the picturesque landscapes of Jiuzhaigou National Park, the Blue Huanglung Lake, the "flying" Mountains Avatar. In 2017, as a result of a trip to the northern latitudes near the island of Spitsbergen, he shot off the amazing and peculiar nature and animal life of this island: he managed to shoot polar bears, seals, walruses, whales. And the beauty of the Lofoten Islands in Norway. Through photos he transmitted the beautiful nature of Argentina and Brazil, as well as Chile, the most southern country on the planet, where he photographed the Gaucho riders, the Torres del Pine National Park, Lake Gray and the Pine massif. In Kenya he visited the world-famous national reserve Masai Mara, where he photographed the rich fauna of Africa - elephants, tigers, leopards, giraffes, hippopotamuses, crocodiles, zebras, and on Lake Nakura photographed beautiful pink flamingos.

The section ‘Pearls of Nature of Kazakhstan’ where depicted amazing nature of Kazakhstan is of special interest. The photographer visited and photographed the unique places of his native land, embodied in the photos the extraordinary beauty of the Trans-Ili Alatau, surroundings of Almaty and Almaty region, the cascade of three Kolsai lakes, the Khan Tengri peak, the Charyn river and the Charyn canyon, the Altyn-Emel national reserve, the Bayanaul national park, the Zhasybai, Markakol, Borovoye, Zaisan, Kara-Su, Kara-Kol, Kayandi, Big Almaty Lakes, Bukhtarma Reservoir, Caspian Sea, Kiin-Kirish Mountains, Ak-Tau, Shakelmes, Singing Barkhans, Mangyshlak Peninsula, Ustyurt Plateau, Grand Canyon Shakpak Pai Sai, Ushkonyr, Akkergeshin, Aktogagay Plateau and others.

At the exhibition more than 150 photographs were presented.

The exhibition will last until 9 May, 2018.

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