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08.11.2023 The Personal Exhibition “The Distance Between My Soul and Nature” of Korean photographer Yong Sun Suh.

On November 8th, at the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, will take place the Opening of the Personal Exhibition “The Distance Between My Soul and Nature” of Korean photographer Yong Sun Suh.

The Personal Exhibition “The Distance Between My Soul and Nature” of Korean photographer Yong Sun Suh.

The Personal Exhibition “The Distance Between My Soul and Nature” of Korean photographer Yong Sun Suh.

Yong Sun Suh is a professor and a medical surgeon based in South Korea. A multi-award-winning photographer, Yong Sun has travelled to many countries capturing landscapes and cityscape images. Creating iconic, fine art photography, he masterfully invites his viewers into the heart of some of the world's most stunning destinations. The artist visited the most interesting places in United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Greece, Japan, China, Poland, China, Israel, Jordan, Canada, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macao, Russia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Vietnam. His entire photography collection counts over 5000 amazing pictures.

Yong Sun Suh has been featured in selected group exhibitions in Europe and Asia, but “The Distance Between My Soul and Nature” would be his first Solo Exhibition at the State Museum of Almaty. He will present 20 masterpieces, photography that most represents his pure noble soul and his relationship with nature. At the same time, in another hall of the museum, during the Group exhibition "Out of time. Emotions and accents", he will exhibit other 3 pieces representing Korean specific places or objects, alongside other more than 20 international artists.

His past exhibitions brought him an important success, and he is considered, through his fine art photography, an ambassador of the most extraordinary places of the world, giving the viewers the possibility to travel to many countries only by exploring Yong Sun’s pictures. That happened during his Booth exhibition in parallel with Biennale, “The Shape of Art”, at Accorsi Gallery in Venice, Italy, at Carousel du Louvre Art Fair in Paris, at Parallax Art Fair in London, Art Nordic Art Fair in Copenhagen, SwissArtExpo in Zurich, Beijing World Art Fair, World Seoul EXPO, as well as in galleries in Germany, Spain, Jordan, Turkey.

As a medical doctor in Republic of Korea, he worked as a professor at Samsung Seoul Hospital, which offer best care for cancer. When he was appointed as the director of Samsung Sky Hospital, he thought that the power of art would help him to recharge his energy, in order to cure and look after the patients in a better way, so he started taking pictures. Yong Sun has been trying to perform a work from the bottom of his heart, that is sincere and honest, giving patients comfort and psychological stability. He has been trying to take pictures in the middle of live nature, to show its miracles and values, avoiding the artificial objects. Time ago, Hippocrates left a famous saying: "Life is short, art is long", and he has been living with this motto in mind.

Yong Sun Suh’s style deeply mirrors his artistic sensibility, which allows him to capture close or distant images, black and white or colour, spontaneously or after a period of searching and contemplation, and the result is absolutely surprising. The poetry in his photographs is a combination of the calm Korean spirit that belongs to the artist with the movement and evolution of nature, constantly changing and transforming. It is exactly this element that Yong Sun is trying to capture, the eternal unrepeatable moment of nature's evolution, climate changes, testimony about the way humanity takes care of nature and its riches.

Yong Sun Suh’s Fine art photography has received many recognitions around the world, like Grand Prize at the 6th United Nations Art Festival in New York, 2013, a special award at the 43rd World Tokyo Art Festival in 2019, Leonardo da Vinci award, Pegasus Award, Top Artists award, Michelangelo award, Career Art award in Italy, Leadership in Art in Washington. His pictures are featured in 5 volumes of Contemporary Celebrity Masters, and The Protagonists of Fine art in Italy.

In the future, Yong Sun Suh would love to achieve his artistic spirit dream: to leave good quality works to the humanity, to establish art galleries for young people around the world, and foster people who contribute to global management. In addition, he desires to establish an international university and foster leaders who help people in need.

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