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07.04.2023 The exhibition “YDYSTAR SYR SHERTEDI...”

The opening of an exhibition at the Central state Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan on April 7th 2023 – “YDYSTAR SYR SHERTEDI...”

“YDYSTAR SYR SHERTEDI...”The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan has collection dedicated to traditional Kazakh culture and ethnography, and among this the collection of traditional tableware occupies a valuable place.

As well as Kazakhs are well known for their hospitality, the main indicator of which is the generosity of the people and their richly dastarkhan (tablecloth). At the same time, the aesthetic content of dastarkhan is achieved by serving it with beautiful, often made of specially treated leather, wood and other matrons.

At the present time traditional tableware is almost completely obsolete and has been replaced by modern items. In this regard, it is important to popularize the knowledge and understanding of Kazakh applied arts, in particular traditional crafts and traditional tableware, among our contemporaries, which is the main purpose of the exhibition “Ydystar syr shertedi...”

Types, forms and boundaries of the use of traditional utensils and tableware of Kazakh cuisine have a wide range and are related to their functional meaning, i.e. the ways of cooking, storing food and its transportation, etc.

The exhibition “Ydystar syr shertedi...” will showcase a large variety of Kazakh traditional tableware made from different natural materials – leather, wood, metal, as well as porcelain, faience, ceramic and other items that have been imported in the course of trade.

It should be noted that the exhibition is focused on products (tableware) made of ecologically pure natural organic materials, which played a very important role in the traditional life of the Kazakhs.

The exhibition runs from 7th of April to 2nd of May, 2023 inclusive.

 Date and time: 7th of April, 2023. 11:00.

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