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11.10.2023 The opening ceremony of the ethnographic exhibition “Ornekpen orilgen oner” was held in Baku

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the support of the Committee of Culture of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the International Organization “TURKSOY” organized an international ethnographic exhibition “ART WITH PATTERNED BRAID”, which was held at the National Carpet Museum of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The opening ceremony was attended by Director of the National Carpet Museum of Azerbaijan Shirin Melikova, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan Alim Bayel, delegate TURKSOY Zhalel David and Director of the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan Rashida Yerimkyzy, who congratulated the guests of the event on the opening of the exhibition.

The concept of the exposition was developed on the basis of the ethnographic collection of the museum, which included artifacts of the traditional culture of the Kazakh people – agricultural and household items, clothing, horse harness, carpet-felt products, etc.

The items of traditional art of the Kazakh people presented at the exhibition “Art with patterned braid” will reflect their history and unique worldview, special traditions and culture formed over millennia of nomadic lifestyle.

Exhibtion goal: to demonstrate the diversity of traditional Kazakh culture based on the ethnographic collection of the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

A special place at the exhibition is occupied by artifacts of high historical matter, traditional Kazakh “kilems” – carpets and carpet products of small sizes, which differ both in texture and picturesqueness, as well as a variety of ornaments that brightly characterize the features of traditional weaving in Kazakhstan.

It is worth noting that the museum's collection of carpet and felt products, which includes “keel” (carpets) and carpet products, has more than 1,760 storage units. Among the carpets, unique types of products should be particularly noted, for example, “Araby kilem”, which differ in specific technique of work, compositional structure and iconographic solution, which is horizontal stripes with repeating patterns. "Araby kilem" is also used as another carpet, weaving along the base, creating a finished canvas. In the manufacturing process, two weaving techniques are used: “orama teru” (winding technique) in the patterned part, “terme teru” (canvas weaving technique) – in the patterned part. Therefore patterns of “Araby kilem” are the same, both in front and on the wrong side.

In exhibition “Art with patterned braid” the treasure of the Kazakh culture was presented by traditional agriculture, household utensils, which installed according to his traditional location in mobile house “kiiz ui” (yurt). So, in the place of honor of the yurt "tor" there are richly ornamented "sandyk" (chest), items of horse equipment "yertokym" and "kamshy" (saddle, wheep), "adalbakan" (clothes hanger) are exhibited in the "right" male side, while household utensils are "kebezhe", "saba", etc. – on the left, i.e. "female" side in accordance with the rules of the traditional division of space "kiiz ui".

Totally of 67 storage units are presented at the exhibition.

The exhibition organized at the support Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Republic of Azerbaijan and Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Republic of Kazakhstan

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