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In the state central museum of the republic of kazakhstan, the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Civilization at the crossroad of the millenniums", organized for the 30th anniversary of the "turksoy" international organization, was held. This event is held for the first time in kazakhstan for the 30th anniversary of turksoy.          

The main goal of the international turksoy organization, which unites the heads of turkish countries, is to preserve, develop and deliver the common material and cultural monuments to the turkish people. Through its activities, the turksoy organization has engaged turkish countries and people to develop turkish culture and art together, as well as to preserve and promote the historical and cultural heritage.

The exhibition was officially opened by the general secretary of turksoy organization - sultan rayev and the vice minister of culture and sports of the republic of kazakhstan, erzhan malikuly yerkinbayev and chairman of the culture committee of the ministry of culture and sports of the republic of kazakhstan arman adilkhanuly zhudebaev.

The figures of cultural and artists as nurbakit bokebayev, gulzat davirbayeva, dina khamzina, kairat mukanov, aissa orazhan, daniar sharipov, lazzat sagindykova, rashida kharipova were awarded with an event medal of turksoy organization.

For the purpose of preserving and promoting the historical and cultural heritage, the csm rk has established close connections with the turksoy organization for long years. Until this time, scientific and educational forums with the support of turksoy (almaty, 2013, prague, 2019, bursa, 2022, budapest, 2023), as well as at the museum of turkish and islamic culture in istanbul, “historical and cultural view of the great steppe” (2018) exhibition had passed. The team of the csm of rk will not fail this tradition and organize an exhibition named "civilization at the turn of the millenniums" this year and will discover the material culture of our ancient field, which was the beginning of world civilization. Exhibits are offered to the public.

The main relic at the exhibition is the golden man found in a yessik grave mound, almaty region, renovated according to the scientific project of kemel and alisher akishev. Also, unique artifacts found in the city of almaty and its surroundings which contains the period of the early iron age, that is, the period of the saka culture, the valuable treasures of botai settlement, which first trained the horse and the historical antiquities found in towns along the great medieval "silk road" also taken a prominent place at the exhibition. In addition, the unique exhibits which explaine the traditional kazakh culture are national musical instruments, works of decorative and applied arts, manuscripts of the major kazakh poet, philosopher, scientist mashur zhussip, who were famous persons in turkic world, fine arts, household items and jewelry, traditional clothing samples, carpet and felt items, etc., more than 100 items received from the wax fund of the rk.  

During the exhibition, restaurators who restore historical monuments also showed their works and shared the secrets of the field of restoration that most do not know.

Purpose of the exhibition: promotion of historical and cultural heritage, development of cultural and humanitarian relations and promotion of turkish culture in the international arena.

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