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On November 8th 2023, at 4 pm, in the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan will open the international exhibition “BEYOND TIME, EMOTIONS AND ACCENTS” within which a special place will be held by artists from around the world who present their art in Kazakhstan for the first time: Adriana Setter (Spain), Sabrina Puppin (Italy-USA-Qatar), Kyung Ho Kim (South Korea), Anita Alabau (France), Yong Sun Suh (South Korea), Kern Ekstrom (Denmark), Stefan Beiu (France), Guy Meno (United Kingdom), Natalie Egger (Austria), Hiroshi Yamaoka (Japan), Christine El Ojeil (Lebanon – UAE), Thomas Falkner (Germany), Radu Zaplitnii (Moldova), as well as famous artists of Kazakhstan — Bakytnur Burdesbekov, Bibigul Smakova, Akzhan Aikinbayeva, Marzhan Bakytbekova, Gulnara Tabanova, Sofia Grudtsyna, Vyacheslav Li, Elena Fursа, Rakhat Saparalieva.

“Beyond time” means creating wonderful and timeless imagery, which produces “Emotions” in front of canvasses and “Accents” of pure originality that stand out and attract the viewer’s attention.

The paintings range from abstract painting, realism and the classical genre to photography inspired paintings and creative headdresses.

Each artist contributes by paying tribute to the cultural heritage of his or her country. By participating to exhibitions, artists share their ideas, thoughts, concepts, vision and personal masterpieces. Each author has his or her own vision, art technique, painting style and method of presenting his or her work. Grouping together such diverse artists is an act of creative courage, which highlights new connections between the exposed works and offers a new, unifying angle to the whole.

The Exhibition goal is tooffer a creative space that promotes artistic development. Participants promote the connection and cooperation between painters, which is more and more visible and rewarding in the modern world art. They have presented their works in international exhibitions in France, Turkey, Cyprus, Mongolia, Russia, France, China, South Korea, Germany, USA, Japan, Spain, London, Italy, Venice and other countries.


The Exhibition will continue till 22 November 2023.

Address: Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Samal-1, 44. Phone for inquiries: 264-46-50.

Media accreditation by phone: 7 (727) 264-04-09.



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