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05.07.-30.08.2024 Summer creative program at the museum

afisha master class.ruFrom July 5 to August 30, 2024, the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan invites children and adults to various workshop sessions, interesting quests and excursions organized as part of the summer program. Each participant can take with them handicrafts they made at the workshop session as souvenirs. In addition, by participating in the “My Family at the Museum” photo competition, the best photo will be posted on the museum’s social networks.

Workshop sessions , quests,excursions are on a paid basis.

19.06.2024 A cultural event dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the legendary Kazakh poet, composer and singer Kenen Azirbayev

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan hosted a cultural event dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the legendary Kazakh poet, composer and singer Kenen Azirbayev.

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The ceremony was opened by Anna Viktorovna Kushenko, Deputy Director of the Central Museum for Museum Management and Marketing, who noted the special role of young people in further popularization of the musical heritage of the great composer.

The guests were addressed by a traditional singer, Master of Art History Amanzhol Kuanyshuly, who gave a lecture for children, shared valuable information about the life and work of Kenen Azirbayev and sang his famous songs “Bastau" and “Igigai".

Then the ensemble of dombrists of the Sanat School of Art in Almaty came out to the public, performing selected works by Kenen Azirbayev.

The purpose of the event is to popularize Kenen Azirbayev's work among the younger generation, get acquainted with his songs and glorify national values.

The legendary akyn, zhyrau, kuishi, a public figure born at the end of the nineteenth century, thanks to his multifaceted talent, became a chronicler of the twentieth century and left behind a rich legacy.

His works, including ten dastans, over a hundred songs, over a thousand works of poetry, aitys, seven kuys and his notes on outstanding personalities are invaluable historical data today. His songs and poems are still published and in great demand.

17.05.2024 OPEN SPACE as part of “NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2024” campaign

OPEN SPACE as part of “NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2024” campaign

DATE: MAY 17, 2024, at 7.30 p.m.




Moderator – Deputy Director for Scientific Work of the Central Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Philosophy PhD – Galia Temirton.

afisha-open-SpaceOPEN SPACE is a dialogue platform with the participation of representatives of the creative industry, historians, cultural experts, artists, art historians, the business community, and the media, who will discuss current issues in the development of modern communications and the promotion of national culture and art, within the cooperation and the implementation of joint programs and projects.

Directions of work of OPEN SPACE:

• Communicative new practices in the museum space

• The role of digital technologies in promoting culture

• Intercultural communication: socio-cultural aspects

• Modern PR technologies: Internet media – social aspects

• Scientific communication: cooperation between scientific institutes, educational institutions, scientific and cultural institutions, etc.

• Public-private interaction and partnership

• Implementation of joint programs and projects aimed at promoting national history, culture and art


- Abdulkhamit Yskakuly Raiymbergenov – associate professor of Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory, candidate of art history.

- Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran - Mohsen Faghani

- Ethnic designer, artist working in the “zerleu” technique – Aizhan Abdubait

- Watercolor artist, member of the Secretariat of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Assiya Khairulina

  - Vice-President of the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of the Secretariat and Board of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Marlan Nyssanbayev;

- Artist, art blogger, head of the artists’ community “Apple Palette” - Lidia Drozdova

- President of the “Kazakhstan Union - Heritage of the ancestors of ethnographic design” - Kanagat Kaliuly Kodekov

- Art critic, journalist – Mariya Zhumagulova

- Director of the news portal ALMALIFE.kz, founder of the PF “Zhetissu Kushi” - Assiya Abitayeva

- Leading expert of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty “Atameken” - Ibragimova Zhanar Myrzabayevna; Head of the Human Capital Development Department – Turebekova Zhanar Meiramovna

- Chief expert of the RSI “Kogamdyk kelissim” of the Committee for the Development of Interethnic Relations of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Bilyalova Gulmira Kaissarovna

- “DARU UNIVERSITY (head, education expert - Guliza Bulekbayeva, AI expert - Aidyn Muatkhan; neurodesigner and researcher in the field of neural networks - Riz Yessentayev).

TWO WORKSHOPS will be held for participants with the participation of famous experts in the field of artificial intelligence:

• Aydin Muatkhan, an AI expert, will conduct a workshop on the topic “Application of AI in personal development.” Participants will learn how AI tools can support self-development and learning.

• Riz Yessentayev, neurodesigner and researcher in the field of neural networks, will hold a session on the topic “Application of neural networks for design.” This workshop will reveal the potential of AI in modern design and visual arts.

01.06.2024 "Bar meirimimiz balalarga"

On June 1, at 11.00 a.m., the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan holds a Children's museum holiday "Bar meirimimiz balalarga" dedicated to the International Children's Day.

Since 1949, June 1 has been celebrated worldwide as International Children's Day.

den-detei-ruThe official opening will take place within the framework of the event Children's summer museum camp "MUSEUM FOR KIDS" during the school holidays, as well as the following master classes will be held: "Kazakh traditional craftery", where the master Gulzira Sarsembayeva on a handmade machine of his own manufacture will demonstrate the manufacture of bau baskurov, alasha; ByArT art studio (hands. Azhar Tyuleubayeva) will demonstrate silk painting "Magic batik"; "Brooches-flowers and beads made of wool" will be shown by the head of the art studio "Ak kiiz" of the Palace of Schoolchildren - Turdakhunova Bakhytzhan, "Pendant in the Kattama-Kurak technique" Sembayeva Tolganai; teachers of the Umai children's art school will introduce everyone to watercolor painting; teachers of the Sanat creative center will conduct a master class on plasticineography, and "Felt jewelry" junior researcher at the Central Museum - Kurbanova Aizhan.

On this day, the Barney company invites children to an exciting online journey into the world of history with Barney the bear.

During the festive event, educational thematic excursions around the museum, an eco-trip "And animals and birds in the museum exposition" will take place. The children will be offered a performance of the children's theater "Seven Wonders of the World" and a concert program.

Admission for children to this holiday is free.

17.05.2024 “NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM-2024”


Invaluable collections formed in the funds of the Central Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan - one of the first museums in the country, whose history goes back about 200 years. And 95 years have passed since the Central Museum operates in the city of Almaty. This year, the Central Museum was one of the first to begin celebrating the “Night at the Museum” holiday, dedicated to International Museum Day, and this event lasted three days.

A special feature of Night at the Museum is the main theme of the event “MUSEUMS FOR EDUCATION AND RESEARCH”, where, in addition to the main activities of the museum, the task was set to demonstrate the role of the museum as a dynamic center of education, the direction of which is the training and education of young people. The great contribution and role of the museum in popularizing national culture, history and traditions among the younger generation is emphasized.

As part of the “Night of Museums” event, concert and educational programs, exhibitions and various projects were implemented:

• OPEN SPACE “Museum in the system of sociocultural communication. Promotion of national culture." Dialogue platform.

• Demonstration of technologies for using artificial intelligence in bringing museum exhibits to life as part of the event

“AI in the Museum: Revolution in Technology and Art”, organized by DARU University.

• Interactive exhibitions.

• Cluster “Museum scientific experiments”.

• Video competition “Innovative Museum of the Future”.

• Plein air “Museum is the custodian of history and material culture.”

• Inclusive project “Getting to know the culture of the Kazakh people through tactile exhibits.”

• Campaign “A gift to the museum, a legacy to descendants.”

• Exhibitions, excursions, master classes.

• Concert, fashion show, etc.

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