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19.06.2024 A cultural event dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the legendary Kazakh poet, composer and singer Kenen Azirbayev

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan hosted a cultural event dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the legendary Kazakh poet, composer and singer Kenen Azirbayev.

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The ceremony was opened by Anna Viktorovna Kushenko, Deputy Director of the Central Museum for Museum Management and Marketing, who noted the special role of young people in further popularization of the musical heritage of the great composer.

The guests were addressed by a traditional singer, Master of Art History Amanzhol Kuanyshuly, who gave a lecture for children, shared valuable information about the life and work of Kenen Azirbayev and sang his famous songs “Bastau" and “Igigai".

Then the ensemble of dombrists of the Sanat School of Art in Almaty came out to the public, performing selected works by Kenen Azirbayev.

The purpose of the event is to popularize Kenen Azirbayev's work among the younger generation, get acquainted with his songs and glorify national values.

The legendary akyn, zhyrau, kuishi, a public figure born at the end of the nineteenth century, thanks to his multifaceted talent, became a chronicler of the twentieth century and left behind a rich legacy.

His works, including ten dastans, over a hundred songs, over a thousand works of poetry, aitys, seven kuys and his notes on outstanding personalities are invaluable historical data today. His songs and poems are still published and in great demand.

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