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19.10.2023 The exhibition “Kazakhstan on the Silk Road”

On October 19, 2023 at 4.00 p.m., the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with the International Creative Art Organization opens the exhibition “Kazakhstan on the Silk Road” dedicated to Republic Day.

The exhibition “Kazakhstan on the Silk Road”The Silk Road, which connected East and West for many centuries, was not only a trade route, but also a cultural bridge between different civilizations. Art and culture played an important role in this process, and contemporary artists and cultural workers strive to revive the spirit of the Silk Road through various activities. These efforts contribute to the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage of art along the Silk Road and contribute to the enrichment of cultural dialogue between countries and regions.

The idea is to inspire artists to explore and embody the rich cultural and historical mosaic of this route through the arts.

Today, the artists of the project want to contribute to the development of international relations between countries in the field of art and culture, and continue their Silk Road in South Korea, Japan and Uzbekistan. In the future, countries such as China, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Iran, India, etc. will join this project.

The exhibition will feature more than 100 works by fine art artists from Kazakhstan and South Korea, Japan, Uzbekistan and America, who will demonstrate their unique views and artistic talents. These are original works – paintings, graphics, mixed media works.

The exhibition will be attended by famous artists such as: Umirbek Zhubaniyazov (Kazakhstan), Alpysbai Kazgulov (Kazakhstan), Marat Abdreyev (Kazakhstan), Atakhan Allabergenov (Uzbekistan), Dilorom Mamedova (Uzbekistan), Kim Inhwa (Japan), Ahn Hyunjun (South Korea), Song Hayan (Аmerica), Song Hanul (South Korea - Аmerica), Аzhar Umetaliyeva (Kyrgyzstan) and many others.

Participants of the exhibition will receive certificates and diplomas from the International Organization of Exhibitions Creative Art, whose offices are located in South Korea, Japan and Kazakhstan.

The Central Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan invites everyone to visit the exhibition.

The exhibition will run until November 2, 2023.

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