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03.04.2024. The exhibition "Journey to the World of Treasures"

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan opens the exhibition “Journey to the World of Treasures” for the first time on April 3, 2024 at 15.00, on the Day of Geologists, based on the geological collection of the museum fund.

afisha-geologyaThe purpose of the exhibition is to popularize the diversity and benefits of the natural resources of our Motherland on the basis of exhibits from the geological collection stored in the funds of the Central Museum, on the eve of Geologists' Day, to increase the interest of young people in the study and development of national geology. The exhibition exposition is selected from 1253 units of artifacts of geological material collected from 1935 to 2011 on the territory of Kazakhstan from the deposits of Zhezkazgan, Sokolov-Sarybay, Karazhanbas, Tekeli, Karaganda, Ridder, Zhezdi, Zyryan, Taskaynar, etc., of great scientific importance rock samples such as obsidian, anthracite, greisen, peat. In addition, a number of minerals such as semi-precious stones such as quartz with gold inclusions, topaz, amethyst, chalcedony, malachite, fluorite, jadeite, azurite, zircon, jade, jasper, agate, nephrite, charoite and others will arouse considerable interest for visitors. Kazakhstan is known in the world not only for the size of its territory, but also for its natural resources. Of the 118 elements of the periodic table, 99 were identified from its depths. According to scientists from the leading countries of the world, Kazakhstan ranks sixth in the world in terms of reserves of natural resources - oil, gas, titanium, magnesium, tin, uranium, gold and other non-ferrous metals. It ranks first in tungsten production and reserves, second in chrome and phosphorus ore reserves, fourth in lead and molybdenum, and eighth in total iron ore reserves. Geology is the only way to dive deep into the earth's surface and unlock the secrets of Mother Earth. The history of the development of geology in Kazakhstan is closely connected with the names of such national scientists as K.I. Satbayev, Z.A. Aitaliyev, A.K. Kayipova. As a result of the fruitful work of scientists engaged in the search, exploration and production of resources necessary for the entire society, 6,000 mineral deposits have been discovered. They are the main source of income and economic development of the country, and also play an important role in the world market. Today, minerals are not only a source of energy, but are also used as raw materials for the production of various alloys, building materials, chemicals and other things that are very necessary for our daily life. The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan is waiting for you at the opening ceremony of the new exhibition!

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