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25.09.2023 The exhibition “My ballet”

“My ballet” exhibition has been opened in Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan honored to 85 anniversary of the outstanding master of the Kazakh ballet art, pedagogue, Ayukhanov Bolat Gazizkhanovich choreographer.

Exhibition goals: Meet Residents and guests of the city with life and art of famous choreographer, professor, Kazakhstan people artist, founder and head of the State Academic Dance Theater of the Republic of Kazakhstan B.Ayukhanov, which made an invaluable contribution in history of Kazakh ballet.

To the visitors were present photos of different years of B.Ayukhanov’s life, his awards, personal things and books. Stage clothes from different performances are also presented here.Visitors was interested by stage costume that once belonged to his teacher, People’s artist of the Kazakh SSR A.V. Seleznev. Also from “Young ballet” theatre was present collet costume, embroidered especially for Cuban dance (1965), costume for classic dance “Sad Waltz” on Jan Sibelius music, choreographer’s costume from his favourite in “Hamlet” ballet.

Residents and guests of the city can see the master’s office, with a desk, typewriter and other personal things

The “My ballet” exhibition is honored to the life and art of the famous choreographer, presented by materials from the fund of the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan and The State Academic Dance Theater of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

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