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01.03.2017 The exhibition «Халық жүрегіндегі қаламгерлер», dedicated to the anniversaries of eminent writers of Kazakhstan

Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the eve of the World Day of the writer opens the exhibition «Халық жүрегіндегі қаламгерлер», dedicated to the anniversaries of eminent writers of Kazakhstan, who take a worthy place in the history of Kazakh people: the 120th anniversary M.Auezov, the 115th anniversary of G.Musrepov, G.Mustafin, the 110th anniversary of D.Abilev, G.Ormanov, 105th anniversary of A.Sharipov, the 95th anniversary of S. Shaimerdenov and A.Nurshaikhov.

The purpose of the exhibition is to acquaint visitors with the works of Kazakh writers and demonstrate their invaluable contribution to the development of national literature, to note the peculiarity of the spiritual and author’s aesthetic pursuit, which is reflected in their works.

1940-1950s became the heyday of the Kazakh Soviet literature. Literary creativity of writers of Kazakhstan developed in close connection with the cultural and socio-political life of the country. In their works love for the motherland, the spirit of patriotism, respect of traditions, native language, all the hardships of life and historical events were glorified. A huge role in the development of literature played a prominent writer M.Auezov, who finished in the 50s four-volume epic novel "The way of Abai". The achievement of national prose became novels of G.Musrepov - "Awakened Land" (1953), "Soldier of Kazakhstan" (1945), G. Mustafin - "Millionaire" (1948) "Karaganda" (1952), D. Abilev - "Friends - brother-soldier"(1948)," Maira "(1954), G. Ormanov -"Development", A.Sharipov -"Partisan’s daughter "(1961), S.Shaimerdenov -"Inesh" (1953), A.Nurshaikhov -"Love song" (1964), "The years of joy and of love "(1970) and others.

During the years of creative activity many works that have gained popularity, both in the country and abroad, as well as plays which occupied an important place in the repertoire of the leading theaters of the country were created.

At the exhibition more than three hundred items, including personal belongings of writers, books, awards, portraits, busts, posters, sculptures, illustrations for the works will be presented.

For the first time the most comprehensive collection of materials about the life and work of writers: a unique collection of archival documents, personal papers, membership cards, manuscripts in Kazakh language by Arabic script, rare books, photos, notebooks, letters will be displayed.

Today the names of writers assigned to the cultural and scientific institutions, streets, schools and universities of cities and villages of the country. In Almaty opened memorial museum-apartments of writers, as well as monuments and memorial plaques were installed.

The exhibition is located in the 3rd Hall.

Date: 1st March, 2017 at 15.00.

«Халық жүрегіндегі қаламгерлер» «Халық жүрегіндегі қаламгерлер»
«Халық жүрегіндегі қаламгерлер» «Халық жүрегіндегі қаламгерлер»

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