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09.02.2018 The International interactive exhibition "ECOLOGICAL THINKING - LEARNING FROM NATURE".

On February 9, 2018 at 15.00 the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with the Goethe-Institute of Almaty opens the International interactive exhibition "ECOLOGICAL THINKING - LEARNING FROM NATURE".     

"ECOLOGICAL THINKING - LEARNING FROM NATURE".At present, environmental problems in the world (climate change, conservation of resources, greenhouse effect, etc.) and ways to solve them (use of solar energy, construction of pumped storage power plants, electric vehicles, innovative waste recycling methods, etc.) are of special attention. International experience has shown that there is no possibility of creating an artificial habitat. Therefore, humanity has only one way out - it is to live in harmony with nature. In modern conditions, the environment is experiencing a huge anthropogenic load. To create a sparing mode of life for nature and work are in our power. Every person living on planet Earth needs to make his own contribution to the preservation of our common House.    

The exhibition tells many interesting things about our planet and is devoted to four elements - EARTH, FIRE, AIR and WATER. It not only presents amazing facts, but also appeals to visitors for active participation in the preservation of the environment, illustrating the positive and negative aspects of human interaction with nature.  

The first block - "Earth" about population, resources and facts of Earth pollution, factors that influence climate change, how to conserve natural resources and use new technologies.  

Exposition of the second block - "Fire" introduces the energy of the Sun, volcanoes, fires, with the "passive" house, the house of the future and heliotrope house, with solar highways and robot-beetle OLE (all-terrain fire extinguishing system).   

The third block - "Air" is about the atmosphere, air pollution, greenhouse effect, wind power plants, electric cars, aerodynamics and bionics.     

Thematic photos and stands of the fourth block - "Water" will answer the questions: how much water there is in the world; how to improve the quality of water; how to use water resources; how to apply new technologies; how to prevent water pollution?

In addition to the information material for visitors interesting interactive educational programs (blitz-surveys, quizzes, master classes, experiments, online games, videos) that encourage everyone to think about their attitude to the environment and learn how to help preserve it are developed. Moreover, those who wish have an opportunity to learn how to lie own mini-garden or why water and oil do not mix; measure CO2 emissions, to determine own eco-type or generate electricity using a windmill!  

The exhibition is of special interest not only for those who deal with environmental problems, but also for people who are not indifferent to the problems of the environment, as well as for those who study German, because the exhibition is presented in three languages: German, Kazakh and Russian.

Everyone who visits the exhibition should understand what contribution can make to the cause of environmental protection.


The exhibition will last until March 11, 2018.

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