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15.02.2017 The family art exhibition of Daniyar and Asylgul Baydaralins

THe family art exhibition of Daniyar and Asylgul BaydaralinsOn 15th February, 2017 at 16.00 Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan opens family art exhibition of Daniyar and Asylgul Baydaralins. At the exhibition will be a presentation of the book of D. Baydaralin "Sadakshylyk - the art of manufacturing and shooting of the Kazakh equestrian archery."

Talented artists have been educated in the universities of Kazakhstan. Daniyar graduated from the National College of Art, specializing in sculpture, graphic arts, painting (diploma of "artist-master"), KazNAU named after Zhurgenov in "Arts", KazNITU named after K.Satpayev (diploma of "Architect"); Asylgul - KazGASA in "Architect." Artists for several years worked and studied in the United States, which is also reflected in their work.

The search for original and imaginative compositional solutions is thematically related to the Kazakh national culture and history is the main focus for artists. Works of D. Baydaralin reflect the boundless prospects for the development of the rich cultural heritage of their ancestors and implemention of their own plans. Generally, the paintings are made in color and in black and white. This bright, exciting products - fragments of stories of the heroic past of the Kazakh people, with important semantic meaning, becoming a symbol of life, liberty and happiness. The national character of paintings of folk life, patriotic spirit and courage of the warriors defending their land in the works are well expressed. The main theme of his works - the history of the Kazakh weaponry: a series of "Zhauyngerler" (Warriors), dedicated to the great warriors of the nomadic world; triptych "Koshpendіler" (Nomads) reflects the life of the nomads (movements, meeting of guests, the scene of military actions); series "Kazakh salt-atty sadak atu" (The Kazakh shooting of equestrian archery) is dedicated to the art of Kazakhs "sadakshylyk" - the ability to shoot on the move a horse; series "Kazakh attary" (Kazakh horses) is devoted to the main friend of the nomad - his horse; series "Kazakh salt zhurіsі" (Kazakh riding) illuminates the nomads’ skills - riding; series "Dala zhuzderі" reflects images of nomads - the inhabitants of the Great Steppe: the warriors, wives and mothers, hunters and others.

Works of Asylgul Baydaralina made in the technique of painting and drawing: the theme of femininity and motherhood are traditionally associated with the forces of nature - it is a series of fantastic portraits "Aieldі keіpteu" (The embodiment of a woman), the triptych "Kyz uzatu" (Seeing off of a bride), dedicated to the traditional Kazakh customs and rituals.

Baydaralins proved themselves in the field of literary activity (literature). Thus, the result of Daniyar Baydaralin’s research is the publication of the book "Sadakshylyk - the art of manufacturing and shooting of the Kazakh equestrian archery." This book is the first in-depth specialist work on Kazakh equestrian archery - the main weapon of the nomads of Kazakhstan. The book was published in two languages (Russian and English), translated and illustrated by the author. Asylgul Baydaralina is the author and illustrator of several children’s books as «Біздің Сара-апай», «Сиқырлы балта» (Magic axe) and «Тауық арманы» (A chicken’s dream). The illustrations in the book are made in color and black and white graphics, which reflect the rich inner world and imagination of the author.

Baidaralina A.  Библиотека. Baidaralina A. Кыз узату.

Asylgul Baydaralina taught the architectural discipline at the Department of "Architecture and Design" in KazNITU named after Satpayev. Daniyar Baydaralin has experience in large-scale architectural projects as "Mega Park", "Reconstruction of the shopping center Esentai Mall" in Almaty, as well as the "Mega Silk Way» as part of EXPO-2017 in Astana. Today, artists work in "Baydaraly Studio" own creative workshop and engaged in visual arts. Daniyar Baydaralin continuing his research on the study of the Kazakh equestrian archery.

Baidaralin D. Bercutshi. Baidaralin D. Казак салт-атты садакшы

 At the exhibition will be a presentation of the book "Sadakshylyk - the art of manufacturing and shooting of the Kazakh equestrian archery" with a demonstration of horse bows and traditional art of their use.

This exhibition is the first exhibition of Baydaralins in Kazakhstan. In 2003-2011 artists held exhibitions in the United States, where they are introduced Americans with the history and culture of Kazakhstan.

At the exhibition more than 80 works of authors, including the work of their children Kunkei and Taimas Baydaraly will be presented.

 The exhibition will last until 28th February, 2017.

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