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17.03.2017 The "Colors of Nauryz" festival dedicated to the spring holiday "Nauryz meiramy".

On 17th March, 2017 at 15.00 the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the cultural agency of the Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Almaty hosts the "Colors of Nauryz" festival dedicated to the spring holiday "Nauryz meiramy".

Festival "The colors of Nauryz"The ancient holiday Nauryz harmoniously transformed into modern life and began to play a big role in strengthening political stability, friendship and harmony in society. For most of the eastern peoples, Nauryz is a bright spring holiday, the revival of nature, the triumph of the light forces of kindness, love and fertility. Since 2001, Nauryz meiramy has been declared a state holiday in Kazakhstan.

This year the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan holds this holiday together with the Cultural agency of the Consulate General of Iran in Almaty. Since ancient times between Kazakh and Iranian peoples there is a cultural connection and today the friendly relations between the countries are developing successfully. The holiday "Colors of Nauryz" is a symbol of the common cultural traditions and friendship of peoples. At the festival an exhibition of hand-made products of Iranian artisans, familiarizing with the traditional culture and art of Iran: antiquities, works of art representing miniature sculpture, painting, ceramics and metal products decorated with engraving and painting (vases, vessels, trays, dishes, caskets, stands), distinguished by the richness of colors and the variety of techniques, evidencing the high skills of Iranian artisans, artists and calligraphers are of special place.

From time immemorial, among the Kazakhs the celebration of Nauryz was accompanied by mass festivities and folk games ("Kyz kuu", "Aikysh-uikysh", "Audaryspak", "Togyzkumalak", etc.), traditional equestrian competitions ("Baige", "Zhorga zharys", " Kokpar "), songs, kuis and dances. On this holiday museum specialists together with the Palace of schoolchildren, the Republican College of Sports and LLP "Club of national sports and mass fitness sports" will hold master classes on traditional games and national sports (playing in the asyk, togyzkumalak, kazaksha kures, arkan tartu, etc.).

For centuries, Kazakh artisans from generation to generation have preserved and transferred their skills. At the festival the researchers of the museum will demonstrate master-classes on Kazakh embroidery, jewelry skill, etc. Master Musa Adil will hold a master class on the production of the musical Kazakh instrument dombra. An exhibition "Дүстүрдің жарқын жалғасы" from the fund collections of the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, introducing with the jewelry of Kazakhstani masters: E.Daubayev, I.Zhalmukhanov, I.Bryakin, E.Khristov, A.Abduldayev, A.Mukazhanov, M.M. Alimbaev, V. Shershnev and with products of Kazkhudprom will be presented.

Visitors will get acquainted with works of contemporary artists of Kazakhstan, which reflects the history, culture and way of life of the Kazakh people: N.V. Bube, F. Tarazi, Zh.Taken, T. Volkova, B. Baltashev, D. and A. Baidaralins, D. Utelbaev, E. Sharapov, A. Mausariev, M. Korkut, R. Omirzak, Zh. Kerimbek, A. Sakezhan, M. Aliev, M. Abilzhan, N. Zhenisuly, Z. Niyazova, A. Mustafayev, M. Narbaev., A. Tuzelbaev and others.

At the festival interactive lessons for children «Қош армысың, Әз-Наурыз», "Secrets of the grandmother's trunk", "In the world of the Kazakh fairy tale"; excursions on the exposition halls of the museum; the exhibition of book products from publishing houses of Almaty; demonstration of national Kazakh clothing from the Almaty College of Fashion and Design and the College of Design and Technology "Fashion Academy "Symbat "; concert with participation of national artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, ethnographic ensembles and musical teams; tasting of national drinks will be presented.

Sponsors and partners of the museum: “Copy Lider”; Center for Decorative and Applied Arts "Bakhyt"; LLP "Vikrama Impex (II) LTD"; Aquapark "Hawaii"; LLP “Karapuz”; Trading company developing board games «GerkulesGames»; Kazakh National Conservatory named after Kurmangazy; Zh. Elebekov Republican stage-circus college; Kazakh State Women Pedagogical University; Uzbek Cultural Center; Publishing houses "Kukzhiek", "Almaty kіtap", "Sardar"; "Sweetbox flower" company, etc.

 Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan invites you to the wonderful world of national Kazakh culture!

Free admission from 15.00 to 18.00.

Краски Наурыза-2017 Краски Наурыза-2017
Краски Наурыза-2017 Краски Наурыза-2017
Краски Наурыза-2017 Краски Наурыза-2017

Exhibitions: from 17 to 30 March 2017.

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