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29.09.2018 THE FESTIVAL "All Family in the Museum!", timed to the "Family Day" holiday.

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the support of ABDI Company, on September 29, 2018, from 11.00 to 17.00, conducts the FESTIVAL "All Family in the Museum!", timed to the "Family Day" holiday.

The main goal of the annual traditional festival "All Family in the Museum!" is the preservation of family, cultural values, traditions, spirituality, as well as the upbringing of the younger generation and the strengthening of the family institution.

THE FESTIVAL "All Family in the Museum!"The cultural and educational program of the museum holiday consists of quests for exposition halls, quizzes, competitions, master classes, thematic classes and excursions that allow you to get acquainted with the history and culture of the country and create a lively dialogue between museum specialists, museum items and visitors. Children's clubs, academies of creativity, educational training centers, art studios, artists, masters of arts and crafts, creative and musical groups will take an active part in the festival "All Family in the Museum!"

The concert program of the Festival will be opened by the famous not only in Kazakhstan but also beyond its borders - "Concert Orchestra of the Akim of Almaty" under the control of People's Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of the Union of Composers of the Kazakh SSR and USSR Murat Serkebayev who will perform popular classical works, elegant melodies, excerpts from operas and ballets, as well as folk melodies, works of Kazakh composers – Kurmangazy, Zhaiau Musa, etc. Also in the concert will take part: the popular ensemble of the Daribaevs family, ethnical collective «TRIBAL PRO» (artistic director Helen Kim), a children's dance group "Aibyn" (artistic director A. Kumarova), music band of Guk family.

On this day the Museum offers EXHIBITIONS: "Flora and Fauna of Kazakhstan" (from the museum's fund collections); "Restored heritage" (restored exhibits from the museum's fund collections); "Faces of Central Asia" (artist Gyuzel Zakirova). With the purpose of organizing family leisure, development of creative potential of children and youth of Almaty city, the exhibition "My family, my city of Almaty" will take place in the museum from September 29 to October 10 which will introduce to the diverse creativity of leaders and teachers of 19 children's art galleries, art schools and art schools: M. Grechkina (art studio "Жаухар-Шедевр"); E.Popova, O.Kolomytseva, N.Reznikova, A.Mirgorodskaya, A.Serbenko, N.Trofimova, E. Podlubnaya (Children's Art School "Умай"); D.Gaitov, A.Satybaldina (Studio of Drawing, Painting and Creativity "In ART"); A. Tyuleubaeva (Workshop "By ART"); L.Savankina (Studios "Подснежник" and "Вдохновение" of the school-lyceum of Turan); L.Drozdova, I.Gushin ("АРТ-Мастерская" by Lydia Drozdova); G.Kabizhanova (Studio of creativity "Palitra-izo"); L.Logvinova ("Веселая ромашка"); D.Mertenova, I.Sokolova, S.Ibraeva (Project "Творим вместе" workshop "Ты художник"); M.Grishina, M.Abdullaev (KSU "Gymnasium No. 83"); N.Prihodchenko (International School of Almaty, educational foundation of N.Nazarbayev); A. Kobrina (Art-studio "МАРТ", School-gymnasium No. 5); E. Isakova ("Да Винчи"); "Божья коровка"; A. Astakhova (INDIGO); "Simpli art studio"; N.Kukharenko.

Within the festival there will be quizzes and competitions for all categories of visitors on the history of the country and our city: slide-quiz "What is this, where is this?", Contest "Mom, Dad and I are the best family!" with individual tasks: "And will blossom the museum flower ", "The eastern beauty", "Our family – museum fans", "Priorities of my family", "Holidays are different. I'm at the source...", "Understand me."
Visitors are offered free tours of the museum halls, lectures "Why is it interesting?", "History and a masterpiece about the creativity of E. Sidorkin" (lecturer Natalia Kovtun, School Art Studio "Aрт-группа Апрель"); fascinating thematic classes: “By pages
Red Book of Kazakhstan", "Fine decor of medieval ceramics through the eyes of contemporaries", "There is no future without the past "and historical quests:"Journey to the world of paleontology and archeology", "History of objects from the grandmother's chest", implying the fulfillment of certain tasks in a game form by paleontology, archeology and ethnography. Fans traveling with the whole family, having received a passport, will be able to take part in the family expedition "Labyrinths of the history of Kazakhstan" (on the museum's exposition halls), perform a number of thematic tasks and receive a prize from the Museum.

At the festival, the workshop "By ART" (headed by A. Tyuleubaev) will carry out the performance "Painting on fabric", in which artists and teachers of the exhibition "My family, my city of Almaty" will take part.

For all comers, master classes on various types of needlework will be organized on this holiday from masters of Kazakhstan and students of the Almaty College of Decorative and Applied Arts named after O. Tansykbaev: decoupage from M. Kurazh; jewelry from I. Vinogradova; on wood from Y. Kovalenko; bases of the Japanese language, temari, calligraphy from the Japanese House of Ichikawa, Almaty; on "fusing" (glass technique) from the designer I. Ibadildina; knitting from the brand Azhar_Jewelry, making jewelry and knitting from Irene Golotovskaya and Leili Duzenova, and others.

The guests of the Festival will be pleasantly surprised by the youngest participants in the master classes: Yesaly Aybibi (6 years old), a skilled craftsman, a puppet designer who will present 45 of her works and Mirgorodskii Artem (11 years) - a master class for making souvenirs from baked clay.

"Aрт-группа Апрель" (artistic director N.Kovtun) specially for the festival has developed an interactive program "Картинка-загадайка", studio "All in dance" (artist A. Alibek) will teach children and parents to dance, Republican specialized school-boarding Olympic Reserve College will demonstrate martial arts, and animators "Qazaq animators" and the Holiday Center "Мако" will take children in fascinating games.

In addition to this holiday guests are waiting for various consultations: a psychologist (Aliya Chetin), an astrologer (Elena Yezhkova); as well as educational, intellectual, creative children's centers that will tell about their activities: Art Studio School “Арт-группа Апрель”, Center for Intellectual Development “Advance”, Children's Club “Лукоморье”, Creative Academy “Яблоко”, Development Center “Радость” and others.

On this festive day, the Museum will hold 2 events - "FAMILY RARITETES - IN THE GIFT MUSEUM", the fair "Everything for the Home, Everything for the Family!", presenting services and products from various companies.
Visitors of the event – participants of the quizzes and quests will receive letters of appreciation, diplomas, souvenirs and good mood on this day.

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan is waiting for you at the Festival "All Family in the Museum!" from 11.00 to 17.00. Entrance and excursions are free.

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