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International relations

According to contemporary transformations international contacts of museum are of great importance. For the development of the museum entering into a single global cultural and scientific space opens up new prospects.                

The CSM RK staff participates at international scientific conferences, presentations that form the scientific image of the country. Participation in international events with exhibits from the collections of the CSM RK enhances knowledge of the country abroad. Publication of articles in the collections, at international and regional conferences, symposia and seminars plays a huge role: first, enhances the scientific level of the museum staff, and second, extends the scope of scientific and cultural relations between museums, scientific, cultural and educational institutions.

Annually framework of international cooperation of the CSM RK is expanding. Museum is developing scientific cooperation with museums, archives, libraries, research institutions of Far and Near abroad. Close scientific relations with the Russian Geographical Society, the Russian State Historical Archive, the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS Institute of Material culture, archives of the Library of the Academy of Sciences and other scientific institutions of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Omsk, and Tashkent are established. The cooperation with the British Museum, the State Hermitage Museum, the Russian National Library (RNB) in St. Petersburg, the Japanese National Museum in Tokyo, the University of Bologna in Italy, the State Historical Museum (SHM) in Moscow, Anthropology Museum of Pennsylvania University in the United States, museum of Oriental Art Guimet (Paris), Mining museum in Bochum (Germany), Hamburg Ethnographic Museum, the Australian Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Hungarian museums: the Natural History, Ethnography, National Museum and Archaeological Park "Matrika", Omsk local history Museum, the Mongolian history Museum, the National Museum of Singapore's history, as well as museums of the Central Asian region - Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are also developed. Nowadays, within the framework of cultural and educational activities the CSM RK supports and strengthens cultural cooperation with embassies and consulates of foreign countries Japan, Korea, Hungary, China, Iran, Egypt and Russia.

The CSM RK invariably continues to work on implementation of previously established international contacts in the field of museum work in organization and conducting of international exhibitions, joint research, cultural and educational projects.

(See _ "Abroad exhibitions").

The scientific and creative relations with Russian museums and scientific institutions, the evidence of this are the close scientific contacts with the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of Peter the Great (Cabinet of curiosities) (MAE RAS) and the Russian Museum of Ethnography are of particular note.

Over the past few years, jointly with the Cabinet of Curiosities Museum has implemented a number of large international projects in the field of scientific research: two research project are realized, the results of which are greatly enriched ethnological science of Kazakhstan by introducing into the scientific turn a huge number of materials on the Kazakh ethnography from the Cabinet of curiosities holdings:

- Project "S.M. Dudin - artist-ethnographer. Photographic of the Central Asian expeditions in Hamburg and the Russian Ethnographic Museums";

- Project "Historical ethnography of the Kazakhs in the collections of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (MAE) named after Peter the Great, Russian Academy of Sciences (cabinet of curiosities)" (2011-2013).

Since 2014 implementation of the research project "Collections of the Russian Ethnography Museum on traditional culture and way of life of the Kazakhs" Scientific catalogue with the Russian Ethnographic Museum (REM, St. Petersburg) are launched. Heads of the project: NursanAlimbay (CSM RK), V.M. Grusman (REM, Russia).

In 2014, between Kazakhstan and China signed a bilateral agreement on mutual and acceptable terms of cooperation on scientific, cultural and educational activities between the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan and Xi'an museum of Ancient Western market of Tang dynasty China (Shaanxi Province, with the Korean national Ethnographic museum (KNEM, Seoul) for the purpose of scientific and cultural cooperation in the field of museology, share experiences and strengthen cultural relations.

Every year a huge interest among citizens and guests of Almaty cause, conducted by the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan fairs, the most striking of which is the international "Central Asian Crafts Fair" with the participation of artists of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia.

In 2014 during the Days of Culture of Turkmenistan in Almaty, CSM RK together with the Embassy of Turkmenistan in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the State Cultural Centre of Turkmenistan (Ashkhabad) carried out international exhibition of applied art works and museum values of Turkmenistan.

The Central State Museum of Kazakhstan with international organizations is actively cooperates.

Since the museum is involved in the project "The Central State Museum of Kazakhstan in the international cultural and educational space: the expansion of the electronic database "Museolog" under the auspices of UNESCO". This program is to create information catalogs of museum collections, with which the museum is implementing the following tasks: inventory and preservation of collections; study and supplementing; public access to collections; edition of albums, catalogues and scientific publications.

In 2010-2012 together with the British Council the Museum held a number of exhibitions: British designers, British contemporary artists and exhibition-competition of young artists on the theme: "United Kingdom - Kazakhstan" and "London 2012 - Olympic Games". Museum took part in the project "Month at the Museum": a guide of the museum and leaflets on all exposition halls in Kazakh, Russian and English are published.

In 2013 under the auspices of international organizations TURKSOY and ISESCO the Museum held an international seminar - workshop organized for museum experts of Central Asia on the theme: "Museums of Central Asia: tradition and innovation". In the workshop by experts of Central Asia - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, as well as representatives of cultural institutions of Turkey, Azerbaijan are attended.

The museum administration pays great importance for professional development of museum staff. Researchers, restorers, guides, fund staff, artists - designers were trained in research institutions and museums in foreign countries: the British Museum (London), the National Museum of Ethnography of the Republic of Korea, Japan National Museum, the State Historical Museum (Moscow, Russia), All-Russian Art research and Restoration center named after academician I.E. Grabar’(Moscow, Russia), State Museum of Topkapy (Istanbul, Turkey), the Russian Ethnographic Museum (REM) (St. Petersburg, Russia), State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia), Academy for Retraining of culture arts and tourism workers (Moscow, Russia), Saint Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts, etc.

Thus, the Museum has been actively developing international scientific and cultural relations, strengthen cooperation with the offices, embassies and consulates, archives, institutes, museums of far and near abroad, expanding the number of foreign partners. Implementation of scientific, educational and exhibition projects promotes dialogue between cultures, the dissemination of knowledge and understanding of the value of own and other peoples that strengthens and expands the boundaries of intercultural communication. In the field of international cooperation the CSM RK takes into account the historical and cultural ties between the two countries and is based on common interests in the field of cultural, scientific and human development.

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