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Art Collection

The collection of works of art (paintings, drawings, watercolors, sketches, posters and billboards) in funds of the CSM RK has a special place and has about 9443 units of storage, of theme 4261 units of storage there are paintings, drawings and watercolors. The museum art collection in many ways reflect the stages of development of the Kazakh culture and society and historical past of the Kazakh people - traditions, customs, clothing, rituals, spiritual and material culture as well. The most artists use canvas, oil, paint, gouache, dry brush, ink and pencil. The museum has collected the largest number of works of the famous painter N.G. Khludov (211 pictures).

On pictures formation and development of Kazakhstan are reflected. For example, 1917-1920 Civil War themes in works of artists A.Martova, Neladnova, Sokolova, B.Urmanche as well as portraits and A.Imanova and his warriors are presented.

One of the artists’ works presenting 20-30ss is K.Telzhanov with his work "Turksib". A.Kasteev, N.Krutilnikov and V.Kapterev are also worked at the time.

The Great Patriotic War of 40-50s presented by the portraits of participants and commanders of the Soviet Army. Artist Sidorkin portrayed Manshuk Mametova. To the war theme dedicated their works Zhakishev, A. Belov, A.Zotikov, V.Nesterov, N.Tsivchinsky. In the postwar period it has begun development of virgin lands. Artist K.Telzhanov dedicated their works on this theme "On virgin", "On the ground of the grandfathers", K.Baranov "Removal of hay".

In 60-70ss the restoration of the industry, new plants and factories are started. The artists began to depict new life, industry, agriculture, advanced producers and their portraits: V.Bazhenov "The new plant Temirtau", I.Balhozin "Building of Regional Executive Committee", "Landscape of the Carboniferous period of Karaganda", A.Ismailova "Loading of coal", "Open carbon cut" I.Bondarenko, "Floating fish factory in the Caspian Sea", N.Solovev "Balkhash Lake", A.Dyachkin "New roads of Mangyshlak", O. Kuzhelenko "Portrait of People's Artist of the Kazakh SSR Biken Rimova 1981", M.Sariev "December. 1986".

With the adoption of Kazakhstan's independence, many artists have dedicated their work to this theme, the artists M.Erzhanov, A.Buharbaev made a portrait of the first President Nursultan Nazarbayev.


The fine art collection consists of items that were made by oil. These include work of N.G.Khludov, V.V.Kapterev, N.V.Solov’ev, B.V.Smirnov, A.Gorbatov, A.A.Soglobov, M.Chivazov, S.Romanov, E.Abiev, G.Amantaev, A.Moldabekov, A.Kasteev, K.M.Shayahmetov, M.S.Kenbaev, U.Azhiev, M.E.Gamburd, A.G.Galimbaev, M.G.Kalimov and others.

Art collection (Painting) Art collection (Painting)

Drawings and watercolors

The collection of fine arts there are more than 400 works of graphics and watercolors. Among them are works of N.G.Khludov, A.Kasteev, A.Ismailov, K.Hodzhykov, E.Sidorkin, V.Nesterov, Қ.Telzhanov, B.Urmanche, V.Kapterev, A.I.Bortnikov, I.Balhozin, G.Ismailova and other artists.


The collection consists of statues, bas-reliefs, busts and statues of historical figures and contemporaries. Most rarity items are considered busts of famous Kazakh poets Abai, Zhambul, academician and the first president of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR K. Satpayev, head of the popular uprising in 1916 A.Imanov, Hero of the Great Patriotic War B.Momyshuly, a bas-relief of Alexander II, a sculpture of known Kazakh poet and writer S. Seyfullin, known master of milletgrowing Sh.Bersiev, Hero of the Soviet Union T.Tohtarov. The works of famous sculptors and artists of the USSR and the Kazakh SSR: E.A.Lancere, S.Lebedeva,E.Fridman, I.Itkind, N.Andreev, Ya.Ryk, B.Musabaev, Kh.Nauryzbaev, E.Sergebaev are of special interest. In the collection there are also gifts of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev.

Available authentic collection of art works of the East, which accumulated for decades as individual unique items. There are Japanese miniature sculptures NETSKE and Okimono, Chinese small sculptures and Chinese folk paintings (splints) - nianhua.

Art collection (sculpture) Art collection (sculpture)

Ashtray in the form of a bee.

Kasli casting. Cast iron

Statuette.Locusts on a cauliflower.

China. Bone, carving.

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