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Museum Events

The museum holds diverse cultural and educational activities, among which the most common are festivals, presentations, meetings, workshops, film screenings, literary and musical evenings, concerts, charity events, fairs, Open Day, museum holiday, PR- shares and other.


WorkshopIn recent years master classes are in high demand among a wide audience and act as one of the most effective and popular forms of training in the cultural and educational activities of the museum. Master classes allow learning a new technique, a new genre, technique in art, learning the author’s program, as well as directly engaging in a dialogue with a specialist teacher. This is one of the varieties of interactive learning in museum work, the benefits of which combination of theoretical, individual performance and the acquisition of practical skills.



Museum concerts

Museum concertDedicated to the state and national holidays, the opening of exhibitions, events, activities and projects organized and conducted within the framework of events. The concert was attended by distinguished artists, teams of ethno-cultural centers of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, art groups, theater and cinema, children's ethnographic ensembles, school initiative, conservatory students, etc.

Charity events

izo-iskusstvoThe traditional focus of cultural and educational activities of the museum is to hold charity events aimed at supporting of vulnerable social groups (orphans, children with disabilities, and others). For the past 10 years, the CSM RK cooperates with Charity Fund of maternity protection, guardianship and child "Altyn-Kol", Public Association of Persons with Disabilities "Kenes", public funds named after M. Ospanov, boarding schools, orphanages and kindergartens.

The beginning of the charity events in the museum can be considered of 2002. In this year held the first Christmas tree for 320 children (with diagnosis: cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, cancer and cardiovascular disease, diabetes) who are registered in community centers and fund "SATR", "Kenes", "ARDI" "AltynKol". Charity events – untraditionalfor the museum, but has already become one of the regular forms of CSM RK with vulnerable sections of the population. Every year the museum organizes charity events aimed at supporting orphans, children with disabilities, etc. This work holds great promise in the search for new forms of work with visitors and realization of creative potential of children of this category.

Charity events by business structures, large enterprises of the city, private commercial companies, etc. are supported.

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