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Research and production units

Editorial and Publishing Center

Since 2008 "Information Center" of the museum began operating under the name "Editorial and Publishing Center". The center consists of two sectors: editorial and publishing, computer information and service.

Editorial and publishing sector of the Center engaged in translation and editing of exhibitions and events texts, press releases, events of different character, labels, introductory text and scripts, contracts, letters, orders, regulations, protocols, as well as preparation for the publication of research, training, editing and publication of materials in the media concerning CSM RK.

Computer Information and Service Sector of the Centre provides a constant and systematic work of computer technology of museum, the Museum website functioning, support program "Museologist".

Main objective:

Provide exhibition and exposition of the museum work with information, maintain program "Museologist" and control its regular operation; printing and copying, to translate and store of information about museum exhibits in digital form.

Main responsibilities:

Provide wide use of the state language of following events: exhibitions, scientific theoretical conferences, documents on proceedings, letters, print materials, and supply articles for the media and for the Museum site.

In recent years, the museum not only introduces exhibits of history and culture, but also became a center of interactive activities for visitors, where they can be creative. An example can be an interactive event "Night at the Museum" held under the leadership of the Cultural and Educational Center of Museum. The staff of the publishing center contributes to the design, advertising, training information and conduct at the highest level of interactive activities.

Laboratory of film-photographs documentary

Since 2004, the film-photographs documentary lab became a separate unit in the structure of the museum. By this time, the photo archive has thousands of photographs, negatives and film, made by employees’of lab. In 2006 it was decided to abandon the old way of images processing by chemical development and working with film.Photo lab moved to a new digital technology, completely abandoning analog. The new techniques have enabled more fully and efficiently carry out its objectives. Staff is actively involved in the implementation of program "Cultural Heritage", go on an expedition, and continue to work on photographic images of museum objects, cataloging of museum funds.

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