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Museum pedagogy


A significant event in the life of the museum was the opening in the Year of Children - May 18, 2022, on the International Day of Museums - of the Children's Coworking Center with the sponsorship of “KMF-Demeu” Fund and “KMF” microfinance organization. The work of the Center is aimed at implementing children's educational, cultural and leisure programs. There are books, various games, visual materials, puzzles, paintings, a drawing board, stationery for children's creativity and others in a cozy, beautifully decorated large, bright room. The little ones can play with toys, assemble puzzles, draw, and sculpt. The co-working center hosts weekly museum lessons on ethnography, history and nature of Kazakhstan, clubs, educational activities in the form of games, master classes in painting and decorative arts.




The “Lesson in the Museum” project is being implemented jointly with the Almaty Education Department. The main goals of the project are to use the cultural and educational capabilities of the museum in in-depth study of school subjects such as history, Kazakh language and literature, geography, biology, etc., to promote the formation of schoolchildren’s interest in studying the history of their country, as well as the moral and patriotic education of the younger generation.

The museum lessons provided are closely linked to the school curriculum. At the same time, the museum exhibit acts not as an illustration of acquired knowledge, but as a direct “source of knowledge.” Thus, the originality of the educational process (museum environment) stimulates not only the cognitive interests of students, but also contributes to their comprehensive development.

Lessons are taught on the following topics: “My Homeland is Kazakhstan” and “The Constitution is the foundation of the country”, dedicated to the Republic Day and Constitution Day, “Language is a spiritual wealth”, dedicated to the Day of Languages of the People of Kazakhstan, “The Great Hero of the Nation”, dedicated to 1 50 anniversary of the organizer of the national liberation uprising of the Kazakh people in 1916 Amangeldy Imanov, “Ancient Kazakhstan and tribal alliances”, “Empress Tomiris of the Saka”, “One of the valuable items of the nation is the whip”, "Medieval cities along the Great Silk Road", "Kazakh jewelry", "In the world of fairy tales" , "History of the Huns" "Kazakh traditions" "One-national musical instruments of the Ancestors" and others.


From June 15 to August 1, the summer museum camp “MYSEUM FOR KIDS” is running at the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The morning at the museum camp begins with exercise in the fresh air. Then, for schoolchildren, museum teachers conduct excursions around the halls of the museum, educational lessons on the history, culture, ethnography of the Kazakh people, master classes in painting and decorative and applied arts, sports tournaments in the national games “asyk atu”, “bes tas”, “togyzkumalak” ", and in the cinema hall young visitors to the museum can watch fairy tales, animated films and feature films.




The exhibition project “Seven Treasures” was implemented for blind and visually impaired children. The exhibition was organized with the sponsorship and assistance of Oral Tansykbayev Almaty College of Decorative and Applied Arts.

The purpose of the exhibition: to help blind and visually impaired visitors become familiar with the cultural values of Kazakhstan through the museum educational space, expand their understanding and horizons about the exhibits, and give impetus to the development of imagination and creative abilities.

For a blind person, “look” means touch, adjoin. Through touch, blind and visually impaired children will become acquainted with the sculptures that make up the seven treasures of the nomad. This is a horse, a golden eagle, a hunting dog of the Tazy breed, a gun, a knife, a fishing net, a trap. The exhibits were created from sculptural plasticine, wood, and carpet threads by teachers and students of O. Tansykbayev ACDAA.

The list of the seven treasures of the nomad is presented according to Uali Nurgeldy Makazhanuly, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Chief Researcher of the Department of Anthropology and Ethnology of the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The museum inclusive club “Steps of creativity” (“Paths of Creativity”) is organized for children with special educational needs, children from orphanages and low-income families. The main goals of the circle are to create an inclusive creative space for children that will help them discover their creative potential, develop their talents, and prepare children for independent life in an inclusive society in the spirit of understanding, tolerance, and respect for differences.

The club classes are held on such topics as “Animal style in the culture of the Kazakh people”, “The art of national ornament”, “Yurt - a sunny house”, “Animals and birds listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan”, “Nauryz. Awakening of Nature”, “Tulips of the Great Steppe”, etc. In the creative part of the classes, children make appliqués using mixed media, draw, and do plasticineography; perform logorhythmics, assemble pictures from puzzles.



Museum handicraft club “ZHAS SHEBER”

 The main goals of the club: instilling in the younger generation an interest in the historical past of their people, a sense of respect for the culture of the people of Kazakhstan, the formation of an artistic culture and the development of creative abilities through folk arts and crafts.

A special feature of “Zhas Sheber” club is that it gives every child and teenager (6 – 14 years old) the opportunity to use their talent and abilities in various types of arts and crafts, choose a priority direction and realize themselves to the maximum in it.

During the classes, children learn to draw landscapes, still life, mosaic drawings, make appliqués from paper, panels from felt, make jewelry - earrings, necklaces, brooches, embroider with beads, they will also learn to felt and make products from it - panels, handbags.



  • Republican competition of scientific projects "Museum at my pen-and-ink"

Since 2022, the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the support of the Culture Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan, has been holding the Republican competition of scientific projects “Museum at my pen-and-ink” among schoolchildren in an online format.

According to the Regulations of the competition, schoolchildren write works in three areas: “The place and significance of cultural heritage objects stored in museum funds and belonging to famous historical figures, as well as government and public figures in the education of the younger generation”, “Museum exhibit - spiritual value” and “Significance and the value of museum activities" (about the work of museum specialists).

The first competition took place in 2022. 48 schoolchildren from six regions of Kazakhstan took part in it. The second competition took place in 2023 from October 1 to November 27. 287 schoolchildren took part in it, and 250 works were submitted from them from 14 cities and regions of Kazakhstan. After the qualifying round, 150 works were accepted for online defense. Participants present a presentation of their projects.

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