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Scientific Library

Scientific Library (SL) of the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan is an information center, where a special research and teaching literature are focused. The main goals of the scientific libraries are closely linked with the main functions of the museum, as a special research, cultural and educational institution. Since 2008 (established by the initiative and with the direct participation of the museum director Nursan Alimbay) is started to function.

  • Main fund consists of 51309 books. It is a scientific, sectoral, reference, fiction. Modern literature is represented by publications on the theory and history of art, museum affair, applied art, fine art, folklore, culture, historical disciplines: paleontology, anthropology, archeology, source study, historiography, numismatics, religion, philosophy and local history.
  • Rare fund compose of more than 12,600 books. Most of collection composesbooks of SemirechyeRegional Museum and Orenburg Local History Museum that handed over to the Central Museum with museum collections. The most valuable editions are include the publication of Society of archaeology, history and ethnography at the Imperial Kazan University for the 1879-1929, Scientific Notes of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, Notes of Russian Geographical Society, Proceedings of the Eastern Branch of the Russian Archaeological Society, News and Notes of Moscow Archaeological Society, meetingreports of membersof Turkestan archeology funsand many other serial publication.
  • Archival materials are 7736 copies is the most significant works of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, taken from the funds of the Russian State Library named after V. Lenin, the State Archive of the Russian Federation, the Russian State Archive of Ancient Acts, the Russian State Military-patriotic archive (Moscow); Archives of the Russian Geographical Society, the Institute of History of Material Culture of RAS, Russian State Historical Archive, the Russian National Library named after Saltykov-Shchedrin (St. Petersburg); State Archive of the Orenburg Region, the Regional Scientific Library named after N.Krupskaya (Orenburg); Regional Historical Archive (Omsk); National Library and State Historical Archive (Bashkortostan, Ufa); Scientific Library named after AlisherNavoi, Institute of Oriental Studies (Uzbekistan, Tashkent); National Archives of the Republic of Tatarstan (Tatarstan, Kazan) and others. The archive fund of library is constantly updated with the materials and literature on ethnography, history and archeology of Kazakhstan acquired in the course of archaeological expeditions and scientific visits, implemented by the museum applied scientific projects. In this work, an important role is played the scientific staff of the museum, who is actively working on research projects, as well as on the program "Cultural heritage".
  • Periodicals includes 237 items: newspapers and magazines, the publication not only of Republic significance, but also Russian needed for museum professionals: Domestic history, the history, Ethnographic Review, abstract journals - Science, sociology, philosophy, economics, Museum, Archaeology, ethnography and Anthropology of Eurasia, Herald of theMoscow University, Habarsy-Herald of theAl-Farabi Kazakh National University, Herald of theAcademy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the history, philosophy, Cultural Studies, Oriental Collection, Otantarikhy (National history), Scientific World of Kazakhstan, East, etc.

Library acquires books, journals, magazines, newspapers, maps and audiovisual material.

Directories and files of scientific library is an integrated single system are interrelated, complement each other and revealing the structure of the library in various aspects. The system of catalogues and files are included: readers' files, readers'and service catalogues, electronic catalog in the Kazakh, Russian and other languages.

Scientific libraryThe database of the electronic catalog is "Kabis" that compose over 17 000 entries.

Service of the library of the museum, which is primarily scientific staff and expertsof the museum, as well as colleagues of similar institutions, visitors to the education and training is carried out in the reading room. Library deliveries literatures on all branches of knowledge including electronic publications on various topics areproduced by reservation. The Fund of a reading room is encyclopedias, reference books, non-fiction literature, can satisfy almost all requests for information.

In 2014 in the scientific library 180 readers are registered. 7,350 books are delivered and 300 periodicals units. In 2014 by librarians made, more than 90 certificates in accordance with readers' requests, more than 20 consultations on various aspects of the use of the library, its reference aids, external resourcesare conducted.


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