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Organization of scientific activity

Since 2004, CSM RK operates as a research organization that has served as a new impetus to the improvement of both scientific r (including fund), as well as cultural and educational work.

Objectives of the research work of the museum: the development of theoretical and methodological and scientific-applied problems of typology and ethno-cultural attribution of monuments of history and culture; popularization of scientific and collecting results, scientific and archival, restoration and research activities; implementation of international and inter-agency scientific and cultural cooperation in the field of museology; Organization of archaeological, anthropological, ethnographic expeditions and research trips; research, publication of scientific, popular scientific literature in the field of specialized disciplines, as well as museological disciplines.

Research activity of the CSM RK is aimed at scientific and methodological support of the process of accumulation and intergenerational transmission of historical and cultural information on the basis of systematic equipment, scientific research and popularization of objects of museum value. At the same time, the study of fund collections as a historical and cultural source are of scientific and practical interest, since today in historiography is a revision of previous theoretical and methodological orientations. In this regard, the establishment of an independent study based on an extensive study of the range of material and written sources that constitute the numerous fund collections of the CSM RK, allows reconsiders and gives a new interpretation of the different periods of national history.

Research activity of the CSM RK is carried out in the field of anthropology, ethnology, history, archeology, museum sources and manuscripts, as well as in the field of scientific and practical work – inventory, conservation and acquisition of funds, restoration and conservation of museum exhibits, cataloging of museum collections, including cameral processing, systematization and attribution of the most valuable exhibits. One of the core areas of museum work as design of various expositions and exhibitions is also a special "objectified" form of scientific and publishing activity of the museum.

The CSM RK along with other museums of Kazakhstan operates as an institution for the collection, keeping, study and popularization of a wide variety of artifacts on the history and culture of Kazakhstan. Therefore, the CSM RK actively engaging museum treasures, museum artifacts of various origins, hitherto unknown in the national historiography, as a reliable source for exploring the history and culture of Kazakhstan.

In 2011, the CSM RK in accordance with the Rules of accreditation of subjects of scientific and (or) scientific and technical activities (Government Resolution of RK 08.06.2011, № 645) was accredited as a subject of scientific and (or) scientific and technical activities and received official recognition of the compliance of the museum's requirements and standards established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan (certificate №001979 from 23.09.2011).

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