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Collection of Porcelain and Ceramics

In the museum's collection a special place is reserved to the collection of porcelain and art pottery. In the second half of the 19th century, during the Orenburg period of history of the Central Museum of Kazakhstan was formed. The collection has over 1,200 exhibits. The earliest items of the museum's collection are bowls of Chinese porcelain (celadon) (12th century) and a fragment of Japanese porcelain bowl (late 12th- 13th century), found during excavations of the ancient city Talkhir (Talgar) near the city of Almaty. Products of Imperial Porcelain Factory, plant of F. Gardner, A. Popov, Kornilov brothers, M.S. Kuznetsov and other famous Russian porcelain factories are of special interest. Original works of famous artists of Kazakhstan as A. Severov, S. Srazhadinov, G. Kurenkeeva, G. Semikasheva, G. Yurchenko, Z. Khan are products of Kapchagai Porcelain Factory, founded in 1965, as well as product samples of Tselinograd porcelain and Alma-Ata ceramic factories.



Китайская ваза


Vase.Porcelain. France. 19th century. Chinese vase.

Statuette. Seller of pickled apples.

Porcelain.Gardner Factory.Russia.
Middle of the 19th century.

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