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Educational programs of the museum


An important area in the museum pedagogical activity of the CSM RK is the development and implementation of cultural and educational projects and programs on the history and culture of Kazakhstan. Cultural and educational center staff develops and offer to students educational programs on historical and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan. In the development of educational programs for children museum professionals use a variety of techniques and methods, developing creative and intellectual abilities of pupils. Interactive direction (interaction with the audience through dialog learning), is one of the most common forms of modern cultural and educational activities of the museum. In working with pupils and students using of interactive methods such as games, role-playing, and question-answer aimed at cognitive activity.

In 2003, by the museum specialists museum-pedagogical program "Hello, Museum", consisting of interactive sessionsare developed. Multilevel, museum-pedagogical program "Hello, museum!" to productive interaction with museum education system at all levels - preschool, schoolis designed.


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