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Museum of Anthropology

In 2007, CSM RK successfully implemented the museum project, opened exhibition complex - the Museum of Anthropology (6th hall) - author of the idea and the supervisor Nursan Alimbay. The grand opening of the museum took place on 18th May - the day of the celebration of International Museum Day. The event was dedicated to the opening of the museum, attended by all the sponsors who provided financial assistance in the creation of the exposition complex. To the history of mankind formation, stages of formation of the Kazakh people and its ancestors in Kazakhstan for over 40 centuriesare dedicated. Exposure is characterized by multi-aspect, has a high cognitive, aesthetic and emotional impact. Perfection of decor, sky full of Museum of Anthropologystars, a great range of colors makes an unforgettable impression. The extraordinary beauty of the hall gives the purple decor, dioramas, diagrams, maps. A unique collection of archaeological excavations, reflecting on the one hand, the process of formation of the modern man, the origin and settlement of man on Earth. And the other race geneticsand ethnogenetical history of the Kazakhs: the formation and establishment of not only the physical appearance of modern Kazakhs, but also their ethnic and cultural foundations (language, traditions, types of economy, lifestyle and others) are presented. This exhibition is made up of three parts: in the first hall there is a display of maps, diagrams of evolutionary order, a classification of human races and their settlement in the different historical periods, photographs and sculptured depictions of representatives from the three biggest races; in the second part is a display of the processes of anthropogenesis and racial genesis, a series of anthropological reconstructions from early man to modern man (Homo sapiens) based on world famous findings, which illustrate the ancient periods of establishment and development of humanity; the third part of the exhibition is based on anthropological materials of the ancient and modern population of Kazakhstan: extensive material is presented showing anthropological investigations of modern Kazakhs, as is unique data on teeth systems, handprints and blood groups.

Museum of AnthropologyThe anthropological types presented, typical of the population of the steppe region of Eurasia, characterise the racial types of different historical periods.

The most striking impression in this room is given by three wonderful dioramas: 'Primitive society', 'A royal burial at the Berel kurgan' and 'Kazakh everyday life in the 19th century as an ethnographical subject'. The dioramas are complemented by diverse and detailed characters and decorations.

Every visitor is welcome to watch a short film in the exhibition, which also helps to bring the distant past to life: Walking with cavemen is dedicated to the history of the evolution of humanity, 'Fight for survival. Transformation into man' deals with the several resemblances between man and chimpanzees, and the new documentary film 'Superman' shows what we may become in the not-so-distant future and what the human body is capable of!

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