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18.05.2023 15000 people visited "Night at the museum - 2023"

In 2006, the State Central Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan was the first museum of the country to hold the international event "MUSEUM NIGHT" dedicated to the professional holiday "International Museum Day".

The international event "MUSEUM NIGHT" is a spiritual and educational project that allows city residents and guests to get acquainted with museum artifacts, open a new page of history through cultural and educational programs.

On May 18, 2023, from 18:00 to 00:00, the traditional "MUSEUM NIGHT-2023" event was held for the 18th time with the slogan "Stability and prosperity of the museum". The event "MUSEUM NIGHT-2023" aims to support the work of museum employees in preserving the historical and cultural heritage of museums and to widely promote the values that constitute the welfare of the nation.

The "Museum Night" event organized by the State Central Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the International Day of Museums on May 18 started with the singing of Nurgali Nusipzhanuly, the corypheus of Kazakh art, maestro, People's Artist of Kazakhstan. Asyly Osman, a philanthropist, and Mels Eleusizov, a public figure, were also honored guests of the ceremony.

Rashida Yerimovna, director of the State Central Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, congratulated the guests of the evening on the great holiday: "The museum is an important object of history and culture. The path of our ancestors is the rich history of our country. Therefore, this holiday is shared by all of us." During the event, several museum employees were awarded and named winners of the "Best of the Year" nomination.

State orchestras and musical creative groups for the night of the museum: Assem Kopbayeva, a member of the "Tengri Group", Z.Altynbayeva, laureate of international competitions, opera singer, participant of international competitions, singer, actor Timur Imanjanov, vocal group "IL CANTO", Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory "Zhas Mukassan" vocal ensemble composed of students, soloists of the Abay Opera and Ballet Theater Oleg Tatamirov, Tolegen Rakhimbaev, concert orchestra of Almaty City Administration under the direction of People's Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan M. Serkebayev, Students of M. Tolebayev music school, "Beren" vocal group, "Shabyt" and "Kerbez" dance ensembles, "Nazik" youth ensemble, Baurzhan Tanirbergen, Olzhas Sherkhan, Kuandyk Ussen, Ruslan Nurgali, Gauhar Zhumagulova and other art stars participated and received a warm welcome from the audience. Also, the artists of the Almaty circus and the Almaty city education department, the city physical training and sports training center showed their skills.

During the event, the information partner of the "Museum Night-2023" event - PR-director of CITIX - Leonid Nygmatullin, as well as the sponsor of the art plein air - Kazakhstan Arsha International Cultural Cooperation LTD, led by General Director Chen Zhijie, also expressed their interest.

The ethnocollection of Aizhan Abdubaitova, a member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who founded the author's house of exclusive gold sewing with the "Zerleu" technique, was also presented to the public. As part of the "Museum night" event, several exhibitions were opened, tours were organized in all halls of the museum, and master classes were held. During the cultural event, several new exhibitions organized, based on the Central Museum Fund and private collections were opened.

Visitors to the museum can get acquainted with the special collection of weapons of the State Central Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the exhibition "Five weapons of a man...". The exhibition includes archaeological expedition materials found during excavations: spearheads, spears, arrows, bronze swords, daggers and knives, as well as Kazakh national weapons - bow, arrow, quiver, scabbard, sword, dagger, knife, spear, poleaxe, mace, mace, protective equipment - helmet, shield, helmet, belt, and the types of weapons used during the 1916 national liberation uprising and the Second World War were also presented to the public.

At the exhibition "Life and Symbolism of Ancient Artifacts" by Tamara Volkova, a member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, architect, artist, more than 80 works of the artist's brush, as well as "Leaders and famous people of the 21st century" by well-known personalities and professional artists of the country. The paintings created on the basis of the creative project "Joint creativity" were presented. This project, which is being organized for the first time, will involve about 100 well-known people who have contributed to our country - Assanali Ashimov, Olzhas Suleymenov, Nurgali Nussipzhanov, Roza Rymbayeva, Bibigul Tolegenova, Makpal Zhunissova and others art and public figures.

As part of the "Museum Night" event, an art plein air exhibition entitled "National Heritage - A Trust for Generations" was organized, and 15 famous artists of Kazakhstan presented their works. On the professional holiday of the International Museum Day, brush masters presented new works to the Central Museum and replenished the museum's painting collection. The sponsor of the art plein air is the non-governmental organization "Zhongxingowen" and the "Today's Silk Road" publication, which was founded in Almaty in 2016 and became a link to the increase of cooperation between China and Kazakhstan.

"Unique written samples of three religions: Torah, Injil, Koran" - within the exhibition "Three things - three histories", museum visitors will see the Torah written on calfskin (14-15th centuries), 1751, based on unique and rare spiritual relics, got acquainted with such values as the published Bible and the Koran written in Turkey (18-19th centuries).

As part of the Museum Night event, artisans of the "Village of Masters" held master classes on other types of arts and crafts and traditional handicrafts using modern technologies. The participants of the campaign had the opportunity to take part in master classes in felting, wool painting, plaster figures, painting, pottery, jewelry, beadwork, embroidery, clay modeling, artistic ceramics, carpet weaving, woodworking, and metalworking.

Master classes were held by well-known masters of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, students and teachers of O.Tansykbayev Almaty College of Decorative and Applied Arts, It was held by young masters of the college under T. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts, "Salta-Art" art studio and masters of the Almaty Palace of Students.

During the celebration, the ethno-cultural center "Topzhargan" organized a hunter's parade and introduced the Kazakh hut-making profession to the public, representatives of the ethno-sports federation "Sal-seri" demonstrated the national sport of "archery", and Daniyar and Asylgul Baidaraly demonstrated the art of "Five weapons".

In the Coworking Center for children, museum classes and cultural-educational events were held on the topics of "Seven Treasures", "Kazakh Jewelry", "The Great Silk Road".

The Saka queen Tomiris and the Saka warrior Golden Man welcomed the museum guests with splendor.

The people of Almaty left the evening celebrating our centuries-old national heritage with a special impression.


night in the museum-2023 night in the museum-2023
night in the museum-2023 night in the museum-2023
night in the museum-2023 night in the museum-2023
 night in the museum-2023  night in the museum-2023

21.04.2023 The international scientific and methodological conference " XV Orazbayev readings"

Today, the international scientific and methodological conference "XV Orazbayev readings", organized jointly with the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and the State Historical, Cultural and Natural Museum-Reserve "Tanbaly", has started its work in the State Central Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The conference considered issues of ancient and medieval archeology; general and topical issues of ethnic history and ethno-cultural processes; memories and reflections on outstanding archaeologists; field materials of archaeological and ethnographic expeditions; methods of research, preservation and museification of historical and cultural heritage; interdisciplinary methods in historical disciplines; modern methods and approaches in archeology and ethnology; new approaches and innovative methods of teaching archeology, ethnology and museum study at university.

The conference was attended by Doctor of historical sciences, professor A. T. Tuleubayev, academician of NAS, doctor of histrical sciences, professor Zh.K.Taimagambetov, D. M. Kylynchkaya, doctor of historical sciences, professor A. B. Kalysh and other scientists from the University of Hadzheteppe (Ankara, Turkey).


«ХV Оразбаев оқулары» «ХV Оразбаев оқулары»
«ХV Оразбаев оқулары» «ХV Оразбаев оқулары»

Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the National Museum of Hungary and Hungarian Ethnographic Museums

The Union of Museums of Turkic states under the «TURKSOY» International Organization, the European Union of Turkic states and the Budapest museum of ethnography held a panel meeting of Museums of Turkic states in Hungary, which is the center of Turkic civilization in Europe, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Hungarian ethnographer Diosegi Vilmosh. The event was attended by the director of the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Rashida Kharipova, who made a report on the topic "Shamanic traditions and folklore of the Kazakh people".

During the visit, the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the National Museum of Hungary and Hungarian Ethnographic Museums. Within the mentioned Memorandum, it was agreed on the organization of thematic exhibitions, conducting joint scientific research, and exchange of experience of the Central Museum's stock-keeping and restoration specialists.

In addition, in 2019, the Central Museum and the Hungarian Museum of Natural Sciences strengthened the use of the Memorandum for the purpose of joint scientific research. In the future, within this partnership, both parties will conduct joint scientific research work and will undertake the work motivating specialists-researchers. Let's remind that, thanks to the cooperation between the museums, the materials of Keiki Batyr, Abilkhair Khan in the fund of Kazakhstan Museums were researched and reconstructed. You can see the results of these works in the exposition halls of the Central Museum. At this point, on behalf of the Central Museum team, we would like to thank Mr. Zhanibek Abdirashov, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Hungary, for his support for the event of great historical and cultural significance.








On February 16, 2023, the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan hosted the opening of the exhibition "The Fiery Flame of Afghanistan", dedicated to the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.

 The war in Afghanistan is one of the tragic pages of our modern national history, which will remain in the memory of not only war veterans, but also future generations. For those who survived the hell of the war, Afghanistan remained a deep and unhealed wound in the heart.

Soviet troops were on Afghan soil for a difficult and painful nine years - from December 25, 1979, to February 15, 1989. 

During these years, everything that a person is capable of, that he is able to withstand, has been tested. War veterans know this better than others. They had to drink a full cup of suffering, grief, despair, and difficulties. But they withstood all the tests, showing heroism and courage.

Despite everything, thanks to the friendly work of public organizations, veterans found their place in life and managed not only to preserve the bonds of military brotherhood, but also to strengthen them in civilian life, managed to overcome physical and moral injuries, relying on solidarity and mutual support.

Director of the Central Museum Rashida Kharipova expressed deep gratitude to the veterans of the war in Afghanistan, and stressed that everyone's sacred duty is to honor the memory of the fallen warriors and not forget about the war veterans, taking care of them. Our desire to never repeat the past, to prevent a new Afghanistan, should also be unchangeable and constant.

The event was attended by the Chairman of the Coordinating Council of Veterans and Invalids of the war in Afghanistan Murat Abdishukurov, head of the public movement "Our Home is Kazakhstan" Akbope Abylkassymova, veteran of the Afghan war, chairman of the public organization "Kok Bayrak" Auez Beissenbayev, veterans of the Afghan war Mukan Myrzakulov.

Students of the specialized school-lyceum "Arystan", a veteran of the border service Zamzagul Kenzhebayeva sang songs on patriotic themes.

At the end of the event, the guests visited the exhibition "The Fiery Flame of Afghanistan". More than 100 exhibits were exhibited from the museum's funds. Among them are documentary materials (photographs, letters, testimonies of eyewitnesses and participants of the events), awards and personal belongings of Kazakhstanis who died in the war.

The audience was particularly interested in the military uniforms of Soviet soldiers and officers, as well as their opponents.

The exhibition was prepared with the active participation of the Kazakhstan Union of Veterans of local wars and military conflicts "Combat Brotherhood" and the Union of Veterans of the War in Afghanistan, Almaty.

The exhibition will last until March 5, 2023.

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