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22.06.2024 The exhibition and protection of diplomatic works of graduates of Abilkhan Kasteev School of Art and Design.

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan jointly with the Abilkhan Kasteev School of Art and Design on June 22, 2024 from 9 a.m. Until 4 p.m. Organizes an exhibition and protection of diplomatic works of graduates of the school.

The following events are planned as part of the defense:

From June 22 to July 6, from 9:00 to 18:00, an exhibition of graduate theses, as well as other students of the SAD of the A.Kasteev  

afisha kassteva master klassOn June 22, from 10:00 to 16:00 – master classes for children from teachers

The history of the creation of the Abylkhan Kasteev School of Fine Arts and Design goes back to 1981, when the School became the first specialized educational institution of primary art education in Almaty - the Almaty Children's Art School. Currently, the school has two departments: "Fine Arts", "Technology and Design".

For more than 40 years of its existence, the School of Arts has actively participated in more than 100 competitive projects, the most significant of which are: "Kazakhstan – zhana alemde", Mitsubishi Asian Children's Enikki Festa (Asian Pacific Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations), "Nevsky Palette" (St. Petersburg), "Our common The house - Kazakhstan", the international festival "The Planet of Art", The Tulip Man" (Embassy of the Netherlands in the Republic of Kazakhstan), "Lidice" (Czech Republic), "Nevsky Palette" (St. Petersburg Factory of Art paints), "Ecology of the Soul" (Department of Culture of the Kaliningrad City District Administration), etc.

A special pride of the school is its participation since 2003 in the UNESCO annual project – the World Album series "Children Draw the World", which, by promoting peace, cooperation between countries, and the promotion of moral values, reflects all types of children's creativity, such as sculpture, decorative and applied arts, and Kazakh folk crafts. As part of this project, a series of books "Children draw the world. Central Asia" and "Children draw the world. Turksoy", a colorful album of works by the winners of the Republican contest "Children draw the world. Kazakhstan", in Moscow at the International competition of the CIS member states "The Art of the book" album "Children draw the world. Kazakhstan" won the nomination "Book for children and youth" and the A.Kasteev School of Arts was awarded a diploma of the first degree.

The A. Kasteev School of Art and Design is the first UNESCO club that annually graduates young talented artists and future cultural figures. The students of the school are active participants in competitions, among which there are winners at the international level. Each of the works presented at the defense is unique in its own way, rich in its own color and its own style of writing. Students' projects are developed in different directions: painting, graphics, sculpture, installation, graphic and architectural design, art objects, etc.

Graduates of the school become students of art colleges and higher educational institutions not only in Almaty, but also study in England, Israel, the USA, Japan, Russia, the Czech Republic, Canada and other countries.

Students and teachers of the Art School prepared master classes within the framework of the exhibition, clearly demonstrating the intense creative life that reigns within the walls of the educational institution.

In 2023-2024, 79 graduates are graduating from the A. Kasteev SHID, of which 34 students from the Design department and 45 students from the ISO department. The exhibition features more than 100 works by students of the school.

20.06.2024 The exhibition “KUI DASTURININ SHEZHIRESI”

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan hosted the opening of the exhibition “KUY DASTURINІN SHEZHIRESI” (Chronicle of the kyui tradition), based on exhibits from the personal complex of the legendary kyushi, People’s Artist of Kazakhstan - Kali Zhantleuov.

The director of the Central Museum, Rashida Yerimkyzy, made a congratulatory speech at the ceremony, who noted the invaluable contribution of Kali Zhantleuov in the development of the spiritual values of our people. “Together with Akhmet Zhubanov, he stood at the origins of the Kurmangazy Orchestra, trained talented musicians, and passed on the sacred heritage he collected to his students. It’s gratifying that today Kali Zhantleuov’s students are present among us,” she noted.

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The honorary guests of the evening were veteran of Kurmangazy Kazakh State Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments Otepbergen Khamzin, kyuishi, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Shamil Abiltay, director of Kurmangazy Kazakh State Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments Medet Kuanyshev and cultural figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan Murat Abugazy shared their memories of Kali Zhantleuov.

About 30 valuable exhibits were presented at the exhibition dedicated to the life and work of Kali Zhantleuov, including: a portrait from the family archive, certificates of awarding the title of “Honored Artist of Kazakhstan”, a headdress and cap, original photos, a vignette of graduates and teachers for the 25th anniversary of the Department of Folk Instruments of Kurmangazy Kazakh State Institute of Arts, etc.

Guests and residents of the city can visit this exhibition until July 20.

07.06.2024 The exhibition “Sunkar” of well-known Kazakh artists

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan opens an exhibition “Sunkar” of well-known Kazakh artists on June 7, 2024 at 4.00 p.m.

The name of the exhibition “Sunkar” was not chosen by chance: it symbolizes freedom and the high flight of creative thought. Artists, like falcons, in search of inspiration and freedom of expression, rise to the heights of art to give viewers their view of the world. Sunkar in art is often associated with power and spiritual exaltation.

afisha-sunkharThis exhibition represents the harmony between the power of artistic expression and the ease of flight, between the desire for heights and immersion in the depths of the soul. Each work in the exhibition is a revelation, sincerity, and uniqueness of each artist’s view of the world around us. At the exhibition “Sunkar” you will be able to enjoy the masterpieces of famous painters, graphic artists, and sculptors, such as: Assan Moldabayev, Malik Zhunisbayev, Kanat Abdikarimov, Zhandarbek Sugurov, Shakhmurat Seitmuratov, Kadyrbek Kametov, Berik Molzhigit, Sergey Alekseyev, Fatima Tarazi, whose names are well known not only in Kazakhstan, but also beyond its borders.

All participants in the exhibition are members of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, artists of Kazakhstan, graduates of T. Zhurgenov Academy of Arts, I. Repin Academy of Arts, V. Surikov Moscow State Art Institute, Moscow Printing Institute and Lvov National Academy of Arts, as well as winners and diploma winners of national and international competitions and festivals.

The purpose of this exhibition "Sunkar" is to inspire and awaken in every viewer the desire for high art, to reveal the beauty and depth of the creative potential of Kazakh artists. We strive to create a space where every visitor can immerse himself in the world of art, feel its power and energy, and see the diversity of themes, techniques, and expressions.

The exhibition will feature 100 works of various genres, including sculptures.

14.06.2024 The exhibition “Islamic Spirituality”

The exhibition “Islamic Spirituality” dedicated to the holiday of Kurban Ait opened at the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The director of the Central Museum, Rashida Yerimkyzy, made a congratulatory speech to the guests, noting the role of Islam in the development and improvement of the spiritual life, culture and development of civilization of all mankind, and its influence in the religious, political, cultural, linguistic and social life of the Kazakh people.

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The importance of Islamic culture in the education of young people who have succumbed to the influence of various destructive trends was also noted.
Among the invited guests were Abdurakhim Altai, the son of the famous theologian Khalifa Altai, who first translated the Koran into the Kazakh language, historian-orientalist, PhD Omir Orazuly, head of the Center for Religious Studies of the Institute of Philosophy, Political Science and Religious Studies Almasbek Duissenbekuly Shagyrbay, religious scholar, senior lecturer at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University Zhuzey Amankululy, who drew attention to the value of the unique exhibits of the museum.
By content, the exhibits presented at the exhibition can be grouped into the following sections: Korans, tafsirs (its interpretations), books of Muhammadiyah and Mukhtasar, various lithographic publications of religious content.
We especially note the handwritten relic of unique value presented to the audience for the first time - the genealogy of the prophets, made in the form of a scroll (length - 4 m. 45 cm, width - 25 cm). The manuscript contains the genealogy of 25 dynasties of prophets, starting with Adam and including Muhammad, the four righteous caliphs and the medieval Sufi teacher Jalaluddin Rumi.
Also, at this exhibition you can get acquainted with the original version of the Koran, written in the form of a scroll (length - 9 m. 50 cm., width - 2.5 cm.). The text of 114 suras is written separately in very small letters. At the beginning of the manuscript, four beautiful names of Allah are given.
If we look at it from a chronological point of view, we should especially note the manuscript of the Holy Koran, rewritten in 1643. In addition, the exhibition displays, as a valuable heritage of Islam, Koran, and books of various religious contents, printed in the printing houses of the ancient cities of the East - Istanbul, Bombay, and Egypt, as well as in such large centers as St. Petersburg, Kazan, Orenburg, Tashkent and Samarkand.
Tafsirs (commentaries) to the Holy Koran, a collection of prayers, a brief historical review publication covering the period from Adam to the 19th century, the book of Muhammadiyah, obtained from the library of the famous Mashkhur Zhussup Kopeyev, “Genealogy of the Khoja Family”, written by Mukhamedzhan Seralin, attract the attention of visitors and reveal expositional value of the exhibition.
The exhibition will run until July 2024.

31.05.2024 The international exhibition “Turkestan under the rule of two Empires: colonialism and repression”

The Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Committee on Culture, the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, together with the State Museum of Memory of Repression under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, on May 31, 10:00, 2024, on the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repression, the international exhibition “Turkestan under the rule of two Empires: colonialism and repression” will open.

afisha-repressiiThe purpose of the exhibition is to preserve the memory of the victims of Stalin's terror, restore historical justice, victims of political repression and preserve the memory of generations. For the first time, the exhibition will feature photographic and archival documents of repressed state and public figures of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan from the funds of the State Museum of Memory of Victims of Repression under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The exhibition will feature photographic documents – S. Khodzhanov, F. Zaripkyzy, T. Otarbayeva, M. Myltykbayeva, as well as personal complexes of A. Baitursynov, A. Bukeikhanov, M. Dulatova, M. Tynyshpaeva, real museum objects of S. Seifullin, H. Dosmukhamedov from the funds of the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Within the framework of the exhibition, an international round table "On the rehabilitation of victims of political repression in Central Asian countries: results and common problems" will be held jointly with the scientific laboratory "Aitylgan Tarikh" of the Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University. The round table will be attended by the director of the State Museum of Memory of Victims of Repression under the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan, Chairman of the Public Foundation "Shahidlar khotirasy", Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Bakhtiyar Khasanov "Reforms in the new Uzbekistan to perpetuate the memory of intellectuals and educators who were repressed during the totalitarian Soviet regime", Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of KazNPU named after Abaya, academician of the National Academy of Sciences Mambet Koigeldiev "The cause and consequences of political repression in Kazakhstan", chief researcher of the State Museum of Memory of Victims of Repression under the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Bahrom Irzaev "Prospects for joint research on the history of repressed Kazakhs, immigrants in Uzbekistan".

At 9.00 flowers will be laid at the monument to the victims political repression.

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