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11.04.2023 Literary and musical evening "Amangeldi, the great hero of the nation"

Literary and musical evening "Amangeldi, the great hero of the nation", devoted to the 150th birth anniversary of Amangeldi Imanov, the leader of the National Liberation Uprising of 1916 in Torgai district, a fighter for equality, will be held at the State Central Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan on April 11, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.

 "Amangeldi, the great hero of the nation"The name of Amangeldy Imanov " A son and hero of the nation - Amangeldy" is inextricably linked with one glorious period in the history of the Kazakh people - the National Liberation uprising of 1916. At this time, Amangeldy's organizational and command talent was clearly visible. 50 thousand soldiers under his command showed an excellent example of courage and perseverance.

At the literary and musical evening, you can visit the exhibition organized by the Department of "Study of the history of Kazakhstan" of the Central Museum. The exhibition will feature photo materials that testify to the historical role of the leaders of the Turgai uprising and its participants. A special place is occupied by the personal belongings of the leader of the uprising A. Imanov (firearms and cold weapons, blacksmithing tools). The exposition will feature photos of A. Imanov's sons, photo materials from the film "Amangeldy" and episodes from the performances of the Kazakh academic theater. Also, the people's artist A. Kasteyev and B. Urmanche’s paintings are exhibited.

Honored guests of the literary and musical evening "A son, hero of the nation - Amangeldy" - head of the House-Museum Akhmet Baitursynuly, director of the educational and methodological, research center "Til-kural", associate professor of Al–Farabi Kazakh National University, akhmetologist Raikhan Imakhanbet, grandson of A. Imanov Amangeldiyev Batyrlan Ramazanuly, veteran of Labor, public figure, holder of the Order Of Honor, caregiver of the nation-Sarkytbayeva Dariya Abikulkyzy; journalist, poet, composer, veteran of Kazakh radio, "honorary citizen" of Kyzylzhar Bekmaganbetov Burkit Mazhituly, a poet, composer - Israel Saparbayev and poet, composer, journalist Amangazy Karipzhan families.

The students of Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory and P. Tchaikovskiy Almaty Music College will take part at the literary and musical event.

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