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17.05.2024 “NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM-2024”


Invaluable collections formed in the funds of the Central Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan - one of the first museums in the country, whose history goes back about 200 years. And 95 years have passed since the Central Museum operates in the city of Almaty. This year, the Central Museum was one of the first to begin celebrating the “Night at the Museum” holiday, dedicated to International Museum Day, and this event lasted three days.

A special feature of Night at the Museum is the main theme of the event “MUSEUMS FOR EDUCATION AND RESEARCH”, where, in addition to the main activities of the museum, the task was set to demonstrate the role of the museum as a dynamic center of education, the direction of which is the training and education of young people. The great contribution and role of the museum in popularizing national culture, history and traditions among the younger generation is emphasized.

As part of the “Night of Museums” event, concert and educational programs, exhibitions and various projects were implemented:

• OPEN SPACE “Museum in the system of sociocultural communication. Promotion of national culture." Dialogue platform.

• Demonstration of technologies for using artificial intelligence in bringing museum exhibits to life as part of the event

“AI in the Museum: Revolution in Technology and Art”, organized by DARU University.

• Interactive exhibitions.

• Cluster “Museum scientific experiments”.

• Video competition “Innovative Museum of the Future”.

• Plein air “Museum is the custodian of history and material culture.”

• Inclusive project “Getting to know the culture of the Kazakh people through tactile exhibits.”

• Campaign “A gift to the museum, a legacy to descendants.”

• Exhibitions, excursions, master classes.

• Concert, fashion show, etc.

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