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20.06.2024 The exhibition “KUI DASTURININ SHEZHIRESI”

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan hosted the opening of the exhibition “KUY DASTURINІN SHEZHIRESI” (Chronicle of the kyui tradition), based on exhibits from the personal complex of the legendary kyushi, People’s Artist of Kazakhstan - Kali Zhantleuov.

The director of the Central Museum, Rashida Yerimkyzy, made a congratulatory speech at the ceremony, who noted the invaluable contribution of Kali Zhantleuov in the development of the spiritual values of our people. “Together with Akhmet Zhubanov, he stood at the origins of the Kurmangazy Orchestra, trained talented musicians, and passed on the sacred heritage he collected to his students. It’s gratifying that today Kali Zhantleuov’s students are present among us,” she noted.

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The honorary guests of the evening were veteran of Kurmangazy Kazakh State Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments Otepbergen Khamzin, kyuishi, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Shamil Abiltay, director of Kurmangazy Kazakh State Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments Medet Kuanyshev and cultural figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan Murat Abugazy shared their memories of Kali Zhantleuov.

About 30 valuable exhibits were presented at the exhibition dedicated to the life and work of Kali Zhantleuov, including: a portrait from the family archive, certificates of awarding the title of “Honored Artist of Kazakhstan”, a headdress and cap, original photos, a vignette of graduates and teachers for the 25th anniversary of the Department of Folk Instruments of Kurmangazy Kazakh State Institute of Arts, etc.

Guests and residents of the city can visit this exhibition until July 20.

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