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14.02.2024 “Zhanymdy Zharalagan Afghanistan

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan opens the exhibition “Zhanymdy Zharalagan Afghanistan (Afghanistan that wounded my soul)”, dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan on February 14, 2024, at 15.00.

the exhibition “Zhanymdy Zharalagan Afghanistan Soviet troops spent nine hellishly difficult years in Afghanistan from December 25, 1979 to February 15, 1989.

About 620 thousand people served in the troops that were stationed in Afghanistan, including 22 thousand from Kazakhstan. 15,526 people died, including 924 Kazakhstanis. 333 people (according to the General Staff of the USSR Ministry of Defense), including 21 Kazakhstanis, were captured and disappeared.

But for the relatives of the victims, this war did not end with the withdrawal of troops on February 15, 1989. Their mental wound is still bleeding, and even time cannot heal it. The lessons of Afghanistan have prompted every state and every people to resolve their issues independently, and for the benefit of their people. Because it was not those who started this bloodshed who died on the battlefield, but ordinary soldiers. And our exhibition speaks about this.

The purpose of the exhibition is to tell the truth about the war in Afghanistan, to educate a new generation of soldiers and youth using the patriotic example of soldiers and officers who fought on the Afghan front, and to convey to everyone that war is not a means to solve political problems.

The exhibition will feature documentary materials, awards and personal belongings of fallen soldiers and surviving soldiers and officers from Kazakhstan (photos of witnesses and participants, letters and documents) who served in Afghanistan. It is expected that the military uniforms and equipment of Soviet soldiers and their opponents will be of particular interest.

The exhibition was organized with the active participation of the Union of Veterans of Local Wars and Military Conflicts "Combat Brotherhood" and the Union of Veterans of the Afghan War in Almaty.

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