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25.04.2024 Cultural and educational event “Unity is the key to friendship”

On the eve of the Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan - May 1, a cultural and educational event “Unity is the key to friendship” will take place at the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan on April 25, 2024, at 3.00 p.m.

afisha 25.04.2024May 1 is the Day of Unity of the Peoples of Kazakhstan. The Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan was founded in March 1995 - a phenomenon of interethnic peace and stability, which is an example for the whole world. This is a unique, politically significant association that has no analogues in any country. 365 members of the Assembly, more than 471 republican, areal, regional, city national and cultural associations, about 500 small members of the Assembly were united by our common home, which ensures true friendship between peoples.

The purpose of this event is to get acquainted with the traditions and customs of different nationalities, to develop a respectful attitude towards the language, culture and art of our people, representatives of other nationalities living in Kazakhstan, as well as the development of our art through the popularization of the friendship of peoples, the unity of the people, patriotism, wide acquaintance with creativity of representatives of other nationalities of our Motherland.

The event will be attended by Korean, German, Tatar, Uyghur ethno-cultural centers and associations of the city of Almaty.

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