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17.04.2024 The exhibition “Great Names of the Great Steppe”

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan will hold the traditional event “NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM - 2024” on the theme “Museums for Education and Research”, dedicated to the International Day of Museums, on May 17, 2024 from 6.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m.

afisha-velikie-stepiAs part of the event, the exhibition “Great Names of the Great Steppe” will be presented, which will demonstrate the scientific works and achievements of scientists who have made a significant contribution to the development of Kazakhstani science. Kazakh science has made a huge contribution to the world’s scientific treasury, created not just schools, but also entire promising areas of science that have formed into independent large institutes, educated and revealed to the world a whole galaxy of Kazakh scientists.

The purpose of the exhibition: to show the contribution of scientists in the formation and development of Kazakhstani science.

The exhibition will feature memorial complexes of outstanding scientists from the funds of the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Chokan Valikhanov - the great Kazakh scientist orientalist, historian, ethnographer, geographer, folklorist, translator, journalist, traveler; Ybyray Altynsarin – educator, folklorist, public figure, ethnographer and writer; Abay Kunanbayev - Kazakh poet, philosopher, musician, public educator, public figure; Akhmet Baitursynov - Kazakh educator, teacher, publicist, translator, Turkic scholar, linguist and politician; Mukhamedzhan Tynyshpayev - the first Kazakh railway engineer, builder of Turksib, author of a number of historical works; Satpayev K.I. - founder of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR; Margulan A.Kh. – archaeologist-historian, art historian and folklorist;

Argynbayeva Kh.A. - ethnographer, archaeologist, doctor of historical sciences, professor; Akishev K. – Soviet and Kazakh archaeologist, one of the founders of the national school, who made the discovery of the “Golden Man”; Zhanibekov U.D. – statesman, ethnographer; Kozhamkulova B.S. – the first female paleontologist in Kazakhstan.

Of particular interest in the exhibition will be personal items from the memorial complexes of Chokan Valikhanov - a borik, a gun butt, a lantern, a silver spoon and fork, a tumarsha (amulet), expedition materials, sketches; personal belongings of K.I. Satpayev – photographic documents, books, awards, souvenirs; Uzbekali Zhanibekov - photographic documents, personal documents, books, from personal belongings: a knob for a cane in the form of a fish head with a beard with an open mouth and scales on the back, a table clock, a two-string dombra, etc. Manuscripts of Abay Kunanbayev and Ybyray Altynsarin will also be presented, archival materials of A. Baitursynov and Mukhamedzhan Tynyshpayev identified from the funds of the Central State Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The event will be complemented by intellectual games, quizzes, etc.

17.04.2024 The exhibition “Master and Brush”

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as part of the traditional event “Night at the Museum”, on the eve of the professional holiday of International Museum Day, on May 17, 2024, opens the exhibition “Master and Brush”, dedicated to a whole galaxy of outstanding Kazakh artists-anniversaries - the 120th anniversary of A. Kasteyev, 110th anniversary of K. Khodzhikov, 100th anniversary of N. Nurmukhammedov, U. Azhiyev and 95th anniversary of G. Ismailova.

afisha-mastera-kistiThe purpose of the exhibition: to popularize the creative heritage of artists who stood at the origins of the formation of the Kazakhstan school of fine arts and made their invaluable contribution to the development of various areas of national art.

The name of the People's Artist of the Kazakh SSR, the founder of Kazakh fine art - Abylkhan Kasteyev occupies a special place in the development of culture and art of Kazakhstan. Throughout his life, the “self-taught artist,” as he called himself, devoted his multifaceted talent to his favorite work - painting, leaving behind a rich creative heritage. Of great interest to visitors to the exhibition will be the master’s watercolor works exhibited for the first time from the museum’s collections, the main part of which is characterized by a wide genre originality and thematic range with the presentation of important ethnographic material. Most of the work was carried out during historical and ethnographic expeditions of 1947-1949, organized under the leadership of A.M. Zhirenchina – director of the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan, where A. Kasteyev participated as a photographer and artist. Many sketches made during expeditions to the regions of Kazakhstan formed the basis for the subjects of both paintings and watercolors of the artist. A. Kasteyev, born and raised in a Kazakh village at the beginning of the twentieth century, was undoubtedly an expert in Kazakh customs and traditions, i.e. “ethnophor” - a person whose image, according to the famous ethnographer, Professor V.V. Pimenov, who proposed this term, “fully corresponded to the typical criteria of identity” with his ethnic group. A. Kasteyev’s watercolors, for all their documentary nature, have a special charm, captivate the viewer, turn him into a kind of accomplice in events and have a huge emotional impact on the viewer.

The exhibition also presents works by other anniversary artists who developed various genres of fine art, such as Nagim-Bek Nurmukhammedov, who determined the development of Kazakh realism and impressionism with his work; Kulakhmet Khodzhikov, who made a significant contribution to the evolution of artistic graphics; unsurpassed master of watercolor painting - Uki Azhiev; Gulfairuz Ismailova is the author of extraordinary sketches for the sets and costumes of famous productions in Kazakhstan. Each of them is a separate world of creativity, which reflects the characteristics of their unsurpassed genius.

The exhibition “Master and Brush” will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of art and creativity of the masters of the Kazakh artistic heritage. The biographical context of their creative and social activities will be emphasized by photo-documentary materials (photos, diplomas, certificates, etc.).

29.04.2024 The exhibition “THE SOURCE OF TRADITION IS THE CHEST”

The opening of the exhibition of the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan “THE SOURCE OF TRADITION IS THE CHEST” will take place on April 29, 2024.

afisha-sandykThe funds of the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan contain a rich collection dedicated to traditional Kazakh culture and ethnography, among which a collection of chests occupies a special place.

From time immemorial, the chest replaced many interior items for our ancestors. He played the role of a chair, table, wardrobe and even a bed. Clothes and shoes, dishes and food, and jewelry were stored in the chest. When giving their daughters in marriage, parents prepared a dowry for her where a chest was included. The welfare of the family was judged by its decoration. The chests were carried with them during migration and passed on from generation to generation.

Depending on what was stored inside, the Kazakhs' chests were divided into the following types: zhaglan, kebezhe, abazha, abdyra, akyret sandyk, shai sandyk, agash sandyk, suyektelgen sandyk, oymyshty sandyk.

Craftsmen made chests from birch, black willow, and oak. They were decorated with carved patterns and decorated with precious stones. The wood from which it was made was carefully selected and processed, so the chests have survived to this day, passed on to new generations as heirlooms.

A wide variety of chests will be presented at the exhibition “THE SOURCE OF TRADITION IS THE CHEST”, which differ from each other in their manufacture and purpose of use.

The exhibition will last from April 29 to May 10, 2024, inclusive.

02.05.2024 Exhibition of an artwork “THE COLOR OF JOY - BLUE” of professional artists of the “Apple Palette” community

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan opened an exhibition of an artwork “THE COLOR OF JOY - BLUE” of professional artists of the “Apple Palette” community.

palitra-01 palitra-02
palitra-03 palitra-04
palitra-05 palitra-06

The exhibition was opened by the deputy director of the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Anna Viktorovna Kushchenko, by the press secretary of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Gulnaz Kossanova with a welcoming speech, and the exhibition organizers - Lidia Drozdova, Nyssanbayev Marlan. The speakers emphasized the important role of art in the education of the younger generation, the integration of artists into the community for the purpose of cooperation and exchange of professional experience.

The exhibition is symbolic; it is about our peaceful blue sky over Kazakhstan, the blue distances of the mountains, clean, blue and clear water, and the purity of the soul of the Kazakh people. It is no coincidence that in state heraldry, the color of the country’s flag is blue. The infinity and eternity of blue is also an environmental theme. For artists, these associations are definitely broader and more unexpected. The painters presented their works at the exhibition, conveying this amazing blue color as an expression of something symbolic.

More than 40 professional artists from the Apple Palette community are taking part in the exhibition “The Color of Joy is Blue.”

They include members of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, artists of Kazakhstan, members of the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, active participants of the Association of Artists "Apple Palette", such as Akanayev Beissebek, Marlan Nysanbayev, Lidia Drozdova, Igor Gushchin, Georgiy Makarov, Yesnazarova Perizat, Maksat Kantarbayev, Fursa Yelena, Rorokin Alexander, Karimov Ildar, Akanayeva Botagoz, Lee Georgiy, Savankina Larisa, Kiyanova Irina, Samarkin Yuri, Popova Yelena, Latynin Andrey, Sagimbayev Zhumagazy, Abzhanova Anara, Vedernikov Maxim and many others.

The Concert Orchestra of Akim of Almaty, conducted by M. Serkebayev, performed at the opening of the exhibition.

26.04.2024 Exhibition of art works by Baimbetova Kurmankul “My teaching path in art”

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan opens a personal exhibition of art works by Baimbetova Kurmankul “My teaching path in art”, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the artist-teacher, member of the Eurasian Union of Artists and Ethnic Designers of the Republic of Kazakhstan on April 26, 2024, at 4.00 p.m.

afisha kurmankulBaimbetova Kurmankul Seitzhaparovna is a member of the Eurasian Union of Artists and Ethnic Designers of the Republic of Kazakhstan with 30 years of teaching experience. She took an active part in city, republican and international exhibitions, and competitions, among which – international exhibition "Trust to posterity" dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, was awarded a diploma of the 1st degree. Taldykorgan; exhibition “XIV International Competition of Children's Creativity. "Autumn in my city"; competition “Spring colors of Nauryz” of the Kazakh Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering at Kazakh Head Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering; IV International competition of drawings, costumes, and crafts “Freedom of Creativity”; republican exhibitions “Trust to Posterity”, “Centuries Praising”, dedicated to the 1150th anniversary of Abu Nasyr al-Farabi; XXI international online competition “May 1 - the Day of Friendship”; international creative competition “Leader of the 21st Century” - “Autumn Ball”, exhibition-festival “DESCENDANTS OF THE GREAT STEPPE”; “The secret of paints”, “Talented child” within the City Children's Festival “Almaty BalaFEST” (2022-2023); exhibition-competition “A World Of an Artist”, dedicated to the 125th anniversary of T. Zhurgenov, the 95th anniversary of Abay KazPU; international symposium “Masters Of The East”, etc.

Baimbetova Kurmankul, as a teacher, is the author of numerous articles and methodological developments, training educational programs. Printed publications and articles about the artist’s creativity and teaching activities are posted in various catalogues, collections of materials, books, websites: “ TRUST TO POSTERITY”; international website for teachers: “Modern teacher”, articles about the creativity of a teacher and about new standards of teaching “Teachers of the Eternal Country" (Teacher's work). Her works are also included in catalogs of works of art by Kazakh artists. Special scientific and methodological issue “The best articles of pelagogues of Kazakhstan over the last decade” (2023). Completed an international internship “Creative and innovative teaching methods” for teachers in Istanbul in 2022.

Baimbetova Kurmankul’s exhibition “ My teaching path in art” reflects the artist’s work and creativity in recent years. The exhibition will feature about 35 works made in different techniques: painted boxes, paintings in genres such as landscape, still life, portrait.

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