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08.11.2023 The Personal Exhibition “The Distance Between My Soul and Nature” of Korean photographer Yong Sun Suh.

On November 8th, at the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, will take place the Opening of the Personal Exhibition “The Distance Between My Soul and Nature” of Korean photographer Yong Sun Suh.

The Personal Exhibition “The Distance Between My Soul and Nature” of Korean photographer Yong Sun Suh.

The Personal Exhibition “The Distance Between My Soul and Nature” of Korean photographer Yong Sun Suh.

Yong Sun Suh is a professor and a medical surgeon based in South Korea. A multi-award-winning photographer, Yong Sun has travelled to many countries capturing landscapes and cityscape images. Creating iconic, fine art photography, he masterfully invites his viewers into the heart of some of the world's most stunning destinations. The artist visited the most interesting places in United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Greece, Japan, China, Poland, China, Israel, Jordan, Canada, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macao, Russia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Vietnam. His entire photography collection counts over 5000 amazing pictures.

Yong Sun Suh has been featured in selected group exhibitions in Europe and Asia, but “The Distance Between My Soul and Nature” would be his first Solo Exhibition at the State Museum of Almaty. He will present 20 masterpieces, photography that most represents his pure noble soul and his relationship with nature. At the same time, in another hall of the museum, during the Group exhibition "Out of time. Emotions and accents", he will exhibit other 3 pieces representing Korean specific places or objects, alongside other more than 20 international artists.

His past exhibitions brought him an important success, and he is considered, through his fine art photography, an ambassador of the most extraordinary places of the world, giving the viewers the possibility to travel to many countries only by exploring Yong Sun’s pictures. That happened during his Booth exhibition in parallel with Biennale, “The Shape of Art”, at Accorsi Gallery in Venice, Italy, at Carousel du Louvre Art Fair in Paris, at Parallax Art Fair in London, Art Nordic Art Fair in Copenhagen, SwissArtExpo in Zurich, Beijing World Art Fair, World Seoul EXPO, as well as in galleries in Germany, Spain, Jordan, Turkey.

As a medical doctor in Republic of Korea, he worked as a professor at Samsung Seoul Hospital, which offer best care for cancer. When he was appointed as the director of Samsung Sky Hospital, he thought that the power of art would help him to recharge his energy, in order to cure and look after the patients in a better way, so he started taking pictures. Yong Sun has been trying to perform a work from the bottom of his heart, that is sincere and honest, giving patients comfort and psychological stability. He has been trying to take pictures in the middle of live nature, to show its miracles and values, avoiding the artificial objects. Time ago, Hippocrates left a famous saying: "Life is short, art is long", and he has been living with this motto in mind.

Yong Sun Suh’s style deeply mirrors his artistic sensibility, which allows him to capture close or distant images, black and white or colour, spontaneously or after a period of searching and contemplation, and the result is absolutely surprising. The poetry in his photographs is a combination of the calm Korean spirit that belongs to the artist with the movement and evolution of nature, constantly changing and transforming. It is exactly this element that Yong Sun is trying to capture, the eternal unrepeatable moment of nature's evolution, climate changes, testimony about the way humanity takes care of nature and its riches.

Yong Sun Suh’s Fine art photography has received many recognitions around the world, like Grand Prize at the 6th United Nations Art Festival in New York, 2013, a special award at the 43rd World Tokyo Art Festival in 2019, Leonardo da Vinci award, Pegasus Award, Top Artists award, Michelangelo award, Career Art award in Italy, Leadership in Art in Washington. His pictures are featured in 5 volumes of Contemporary Celebrity Masters, and The Protagonists of Fine art in Italy.

In the future, Yong Sun Suh would love to achieve his artistic spirit dream: to leave good quality works to the humanity, to establish art galleries for young people around the world, and foster people who contribute to global management. In addition, he desires to establish an international university and foster leaders who help people in need.




On November 8th 2023, at 4 pm, in the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan will open the international exhibition “BEYOND TIME, EMOTIONS AND ACCENTS” within which a special place will be held by artists from around the world who present their art in Kazakhstan for the first time: Adriana Setter (Spain), Sabrina Puppin (Italy-USA-Qatar), Kyung Ho Kim (South Korea), Anita Alabau (France), Yong Sun Suh (South Korea), Kern Ekstrom (Denmark), Stefan Beiu (France), Guy Meno (United Kingdom), Natalie Egger (Austria), Hiroshi Yamaoka (Japan), Christine El Ojeil (Lebanon – UAE), Thomas Falkner (Germany), Radu Zaplitnii (Moldova), as well as famous artists of Kazakhstan — Bakytnur Burdesbekov, Bibigul Smakova, Akzhan Aikinbayeva, Marzhan Bakytbekova, Gulnara Tabanova, Sofia Grudtsyna, Vyacheslav Li, Elena Fursа, Rakhat Saparalieva.

“Beyond time” means creating wonderful and timeless imagery, which produces “Emotions” in front of canvasses and “Accents” of pure originality that stand out and attract the viewer’s attention.

The paintings range from abstract painting, realism and the classical genre to photography inspired paintings and creative headdresses.

Each artist contributes by paying tribute to the cultural heritage of his or her country. By participating to exhibitions, artists share their ideas, thoughts, concepts, vision and personal masterpieces. Each author has his or her own vision, art technique, painting style and method of presenting his or her work. Grouping together such diverse artists is an act of creative courage, which highlights new connections between the exposed works and offers a new, unifying angle to the whole.

The Exhibition goal is tooffer a creative space that promotes artistic development. Participants promote the connection and cooperation between painters, which is more and more visible and rewarding in the modern world art. They have presented their works in international exhibitions in France, Turkey, Cyprus, Mongolia, Russia, France, China, South Korea, Germany, USA, Japan, Spain, London, Italy, Venice and other countries.


The Exhibition will continue till 22 November 2023.

Address: Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Samal-1, 44. Phone for inquiries: 264-46-50.

Media accreditation by phone: 7 (727) 264-04-09.



19.10.2023 The exhibition “Kazakhstan on the Silk Road”

On October 19, 2023 at 4.00 p.m., the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with the International Creative Art Organization opens the exhibition “Kazakhstan on the Silk Road” dedicated to Republic Day.

The exhibition “Kazakhstan on the Silk Road”The Silk Road, which connected East and West for many centuries, was not only a trade route, but also a cultural bridge between different civilizations. Art and culture played an important role in this process, and contemporary artists and cultural workers strive to revive the spirit of the Silk Road through various activities. These efforts contribute to the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage of art along the Silk Road and contribute to the enrichment of cultural dialogue between countries and regions.

The idea is to inspire artists to explore and embody the rich cultural and historical mosaic of this route through the arts.

Today, the artists of the project want to contribute to the development of international relations between countries in the field of art and culture, and continue their Silk Road in South Korea, Japan and Uzbekistan. In the future, countries such as China, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Iran, India, etc. will join this project.

The exhibition will feature more than 100 works by fine art artists from Kazakhstan and South Korea, Japan, Uzbekistan and America, who will demonstrate their unique views and artistic talents. These are original works – paintings, graphics, mixed media works.

The exhibition will be attended by famous artists such as: Umirbek Zhubaniyazov (Kazakhstan), Alpysbai Kazgulov (Kazakhstan), Marat Abdreyev (Kazakhstan), Atakhan Allabergenov (Uzbekistan), Dilorom Mamedova (Uzbekistan), Kim Inhwa (Japan), Ahn Hyunjun (South Korea), Song Hayan (Аmerica), Song Hanul (South Korea - Аmerica), Аzhar Umetaliyeva (Kyrgyzstan) and many others.

Participants of the exhibition will receive certificates and diplomas from the International Organization of Exhibitions Creative Art, whose offices are located in South Korea, Japan and Kazakhstan.

The Central Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan invites everyone to visit the exhibition.

The exhibition will run until November 2, 2023.

08.11.2023 SOLO EXHIBITION OF RAISA AMBROS “The Colours of My Infinity”

On November 8th, at the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, will take place the Opening of the Personal Exhibition “The Colours of My Infinity” of the Italian-Moldavian artist Raisa Ambros.

Raisa is a multi-award-winning artist based in London and has a special passion for colour, which she mixes in an original way to create her captivating abstracts. Her paintings are rich in details, which playfully open up to an infinite number of interpretations.

Raisa was born in the Republic of Moldova in 1973, and her first contact with art happened at the Pedagogical College in Soroca, which she attended for 4 years. The painter continued her studies in Audio-visual Communication at the Academy of Theatre and Film in Bucharest (Romania), Faculty of Film and Television, where she studied in detail all the techniques of creating a film, from concept to editing and film review.

During her years at ATF (between 1992 and 1997), she took a Storyboarding course headed by artist and professor Mihai Bandac, himself a well appreciated painter in Romania, who discovered her talent and had the generosity to guide her towards mastering her visual skills. Countless images were drawn to create various storyboards, and each film frame had its own visual message and composition. Professor Bandac noticed from the very start that the lines in Raisa's paintings are not straight, but in continuous movement, and suggested that she has graphic qualities which could enable her to create cartoons. Her first collective exhibition took place in 1996, in the hallway of the Faculty of Theatre and Film in Bucharest, and there Raisa stood out because she was the only one in the group who created a portrait of a monochromatic character, in blue.

After completing her Master's studies, Raisa Ambros chose a career in television, where she worked for several years as a screenwriter and created ideas and concepts for many successful shows for MediaPro, which were aired on the company’s famous TV station, ProTV.

In 2002, she moved to Rome, Italy, where she specialized in journalism and qualified as the first person from the Republic of Moldova to become a member of the Union of Journalists in Italy.

Raisa returned to painting in 2019, after she moved to London, UK, where she realized she had enough time and resources to dedicate herself to painting full time. She gradually gathered a lot of experience and her talent could not wait to manifest itself on the canvas in all the colours of the universe. After being immediately discovered by a gallery in Paris, the artist was invited to participate to numerous exhibitions all over the world. She resumed contact with teacher Mihai Bandac, who was happy to guide her in her new but welcoming new career and entrust her with the greatest secrets of colours and painting. In parallel, Raisa Ambros had been studying Abstract and Fine Arts privately with various artists from the USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Russia, Moldova, Romania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and France. Her signature and personality in art were clear and recognizable from her very first pieces. Her unique style and movement of forms, as well as her playful and masterful use of an infinity of colours was appreciated both by her peers and by art houses from all over the world.

Raisa Ambros has exhibited her work internationally, with Solo show in Los Angeles (USA), Seoul (South Korea), Solo Booth shows in Paris (France), Venice (Italy), Osaka (Japan), Barcelona (Spain), and in over 30 group exhibitions at galleries, museums and art fairs. Her artworks are featured in prestigious magazines in the United Kingdom, like British Vogue, Tatler, The World of Interiors, House and Garden, and in The Untitled magazine in New York, and can be admired in private collections in the USA, Europe and Asia. The magic of her outstanding colours also shines in print, in many art books and catalogues.

Raisa's art received important awards in different countries, like Claude Monet award, Leonardo da Vinci award, Top Artists award, Michelangelo award, Career Art award. In September 2023 the Italian Ambassador to Montecarlo, H. E. Giulio Alaimo, offered her the Oscar Prize for Creativity, an award granted every 2 years by Art Expo Gallery. She was also nominated for the Leadership in Art award in Washington (USA), Global 100 People to Shine in Seoul (South Korea), and Luxembourg Art Prize, to be received soon.

The Colours of My Infinity Solo Exhibition will feature over 20 of her masterpieces that perfectly mirror Raisa's personality and signature. Most of her pieces are in 3D optical effect, as her style reflects the infinity of movement of the forms and shades, through many layers of paint as textures, that make the artwork even more mysterious and the viewer curious to discover a variety of interpretations and meanings behind every layer. The infinity of colours and movement shows the freedom of expression of the artist, with no barriers or limits of creativity. Her abstracts are unique, being the work of pure imagination, making it impossible to copy them, as it is impossible to copy a free mind and person like Raisa. The special quality of her pieces is that they could be hung in all 4 positions, obtaining a different image and understanding of the concept.

Raisa has already participated in few group exhibitions with the Kazakh artists in galleries and museums, and is known in the art community in Kazakhstan, but this is the first time she will have a Solo exhibition in Almaty. She is also a co-organizer and co-curator for the group exhibition "Out of time. Emotions and accents", held at the same time at the State Museum in Almaty, where she is bringing over 10 international artists to exchange the values of their art.



raica ambro

11.10.2023 The opening ceremony of the ethnographic exhibition “Ornekpen orilgen oner” was held in Baku

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the support of the Committee of Culture of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the International Organization “TURKSOY” organized an international ethnographic exhibition “ART WITH PATTERNED BRAID”, which was held at the National Carpet Museum of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The opening ceremony was attended by Director of the National Carpet Museum of Azerbaijan Shirin Melikova, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan Alim Bayel, delegate TURKSOY Zhalel David and Director of the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan Rashida Yerimkyzy, who congratulated the guests of the event on the opening of the exhibition.

The concept of the exposition was developed on the basis of the ethnographic collection of the museum, which included artifacts of the traditional culture of the Kazakh people – agricultural and household items, clothing, horse harness, carpet-felt products, etc.

The items of traditional art of the Kazakh people presented at the exhibition “Art with patterned braid” will reflect their history and unique worldview, special traditions and culture formed over millennia of nomadic lifestyle.

Exhibtion goal: to demonstrate the diversity of traditional Kazakh culture based on the ethnographic collection of the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

A special place at the exhibition is occupied by artifacts of high historical matter, traditional Kazakh “kilems” – carpets and carpet products of small sizes, which differ both in texture and picturesqueness, as well as a variety of ornaments that brightly characterize the features of traditional weaving in Kazakhstan.

It is worth noting that the museum's collection of carpet and felt products, which includes “keel” (carpets) and carpet products, has more than 1,760 storage units. Among the carpets, unique types of products should be particularly noted, for example, “Araby kilem”, which differ in specific technique of work, compositional structure and iconographic solution, which is horizontal stripes with repeating patterns. "Araby kilem" is also used as another carpet, weaving along the base, creating a finished canvas. In the manufacturing process, two weaving techniques are used: “orama teru” (winding technique) in the patterned part, “terme teru” (canvas weaving technique) – in the patterned part. Therefore patterns of “Araby kilem” are the same, both in front and on the wrong side.

In exhibition “Art with patterned braid” the treasure of the Kazakh culture was presented by traditional agriculture, household utensils, which installed according to his traditional location in mobile house “kiiz ui” (yurt). So, in the place of honor of the yurt "tor" there are richly ornamented "sandyk" (chest), items of horse equipment "yertokym" and "kamshy" (saddle, wheep), "adalbakan" (clothes hanger) are exhibited in the "right" male side, while household utensils are "kebezhe", "saba", etc. – on the left, i.e. "female" side in accordance with the rules of the traditional division of space "kiiz ui".

Totally of 67 storage units are presented at the exhibition.

The exhibition organized at the support Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Republic of Azerbaijan and Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Republic of Kazakhstan

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